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February 2, 2013

'Forced' curbside service galls Gladin

Cordele — Editor:

Last Thursday, I wholeheartedly agreed with the writer of "OFFICIALS HAVE TO MAKE A DECISION" as she said, " ----we need to take the responsibility of our trash and clean up our community." 

I vehemently disagreed with her proposal, "This would be county forced and contracted." Please do not speak to me of being forced by my county to do anything. 

"FORCED" is reminiscent of the leadership of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Mao whose governments failed miserably and are now defunct.  Our forums gave evidence that an overwhelming majority of you feel as I do about my freedom to choose. 

We exercised that freedom when we elected our commissioners.  They are our representatives - not our dictators.  Nor do I think any of them wish to be dictators. 

I am offended by the suggestion that our county may force any of us to do anything. Please do not be misled by the quotation of undocumented figures in the article. 

Don't be led into a belief that our waste disposal expense will be eliminated by the addition of a "FORCED" service.  There are no free rides, and we shall always have to pay for our waste disposal. It is incumbent upon each of us and our leaders to be as efficient as possible in controlling that expense. 

According to the writer, curbside garbage collection service is available to each of us, today, at a cost of $28.11 per month.  Those who desire it will surely be responsible in using it.  Those who may be "FORCED" into having it will just as surely be abusive of it like they are abusive of the currently available facilities. 

Question yourself, "If curbside service is already available at this affordable price, why does it need to be "FORCED" upon us?

It’s time for us to express our interest, again.  I think we should pack the commission meeting room at 9 a.m. on Feb. 12 and quietly and orderly let our commissioners know what we want them to do. 

I think we also need to contact them individually, beforehand and communicate with them. They will all be out of the city on business during the coming week so, get them on the weekends as you can.

There are solutions to this problem  I do not have them. We must find them by research and cooperation. We shall never achieve them by being "FORCED" to do anything.        

Herbert Gladin


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