Show support for area schools by shopping at Harvey’s

Published 7:45 pm Friday, October 9, 2015


CORDELE — Harvey’s Supermarket is partnering with area schools to help put needed resources, technology and supplies into the hands of students all YOU have to do is shop.
Through the Hometown Educational Rewards, Harvey’s shoppers can register their Hometown Rewards Key to support schools in the community. Once enrolled in the program each time you shop with Harvey’s through December 31, 2015 the school will earn credit towards FREE educational equipment and supplies. You do not have to have a child enrolled in school to participate in the program and students are encouraged to sign up as many supporters as possible.
Sign up is easy;
• Online at
• By completing a shopper sign up form and returning it to your school.
• Please note: Shoppers that enrolled their 11-digit Harveys Hometown Rewards Key in 2014 do NOT have to re-enroll for the 2015 program.
Earning Points: Once a shopper registers their Harveys Hometown Rewards Key to a school, their purchases using their Harveys Hometown Rewards Key will automatically accumulate points for your school.
Bonus Opportunities: Complete to your Bonus Opportunities Checklist on (page 10) for ways to directly earn additional points for your school.
Point Distribution: Each month we add up the shopping credits that your shoppers earned for your school. Your school’s shopping credits are then compared to the shopping credits from other schools to calculate what share of $250,000 your school will earn. The points that are deposited into your school’s account are called Harveys Hometown Rewards points.
Non-Qualifying Items: Tobacco or alcohol purchases, money orders, gift certificates, sales tax and stamps will not earn credit for your school.
Equipment made available through Harvey’s Hometown Education includes; Academic supplies from crayons to calculators, electronics, sports equipment, science equipment, early learning tools and music items.
Register your card and start earning points TODAY!!!!!