Wright or Wrong Picks

Published 8:08 am Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Well if you can’t pick above .700 in the college ranks you need to quit picking. I am
fast approaching that mark. I now stand at (.713) on a report card of 129-181 after going 7-7 this past week. HMMMMMM that is awful. This week doesn’t look to be any easier either. However I will put on my big boy pants and go at again.
Here we go Mr. Harvey HELP ME!!! Ok, no answer, I am on my own.
I see Alabama, Florida St, Clemson, Florida and Georgia as winners. Temple is a good team and I think Memphis is in tail spin so I will take the Owls. North Carolina with local boy Bug Howard on the team will vanquish Virginia Tech. Ga Tech is going to Miami and sting them Hurricanes. Louisville and Pittsburgh is going to be an interesting match- up I think the Bobby Petrino bunch will pull the upset. I can see LSU is going to be very upset after two brutal losses in a row and apparently Ole Miss ain’t as good as we thought, hmmm Tigers by touchdown. USC travels to Oregon, who has come alive here of late wow a tough one but I see the Trojans coming out on top. I have thought all year that Michigan St was over rated badly and I still think so Buckeyes roll. Michigan on the road to Happy Valley should get a win over the “School of Scandal”. Baylor got beat and I saw it coming but I see the Cowboys of OSU also falling into the loss column. The Bears of Baylor win in a shootout 42-38. I have thought for most of the year that Oklahoma would be in the final four, I have not changed my mind. Sooners defense is enough to handle TCU and win by 10. On the High School side Fullington travels to Louisville, Ga to take on Thomas Jefferson with the State Title on the line the Trojans beat them last year to win it and this year their man power has been depleted but I can see a war coming. Trojans win by 2 points. The Dooly Bobcats will be on the road as well in the first round of State 1-A competition . Jimmy Hughes will carry his crew to Homerville down in Clinch County. That and neighboring Charlton County are two of the worst places to have to play. The Bobcats play a lot of Freshmen, 4 was my last count I think. However, Dooly has a few seasoned upper classmen as well, I am going with the Bobcats to pull off the upset 27-20. Bonus Falcons after a week off will be ready and dominate Colts.