Life, Liberty, and… Culture?

Published 11:27 am Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Over the weekend Political Correctness crashed head-on with itself at the intersection of Inclusiveness and Cultural Appropriation.  I predicted this collision, privately, when I first found out that the steering linkage of Political Correctness had a flaw in it called Micro Aggression.
Micro Aggression is a racist act so minor that the racist engaging in the aggressive act isn’t even aware they’re doing it.
For instance, looking at someone ‘wrong’ is a Micro Aggression.  Asking someone where they’re from is another Micro Aggression.  Other examples of Micro Aggressions are such things as asking someone to repeat themselves (as if their speech in unintelligible), commenting on someone’s hairstyle (even if it’s a compliment), stepping ahead of someone in line at the cash register (even if they were behind you to begin with), and my favorite – making ‘exasperated’ facial expressions when someone buys luxury items using an EBT card.
Well, Clay, someone might really be offended by those actions.  I suppose that’s true, but here’s the kicker: Only white people can commit micro-aggressions and, in many cases, white women are exempt.
The next problem to arise for Political Correctness is that all-inclusive term ‘Inclusiveness.’  Inclusiveness is the concept that people should be respectful of other people’s ideas, thoughts, lifestyles, culture, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and diet.
The problem here is that the people who most want to be tolerated and viewed in a positive light refuse to tolerate their opposite representatives in society.  A white heterosexual Christian male who wants to eat steak and vote Republican is fair game for any vile epithet or vitriolic speech dished out by the left wing.  It’s simply assumed that he is an anti-gay, anti-Muslim, gun toting white supremacist.
But Political Correctness’ eventual downfall is a thing called Cultural Appropriation.
Cultural Appropriation is where a person from one culture adopts some aspect of another culture.  For instance, yoga was developed and refined in India, by Indians, to meditate and help pursue their religious truths and values.  Therefore white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants should not practice yoga, even though yoga, if you’re not a Hindu, has been proved to reduce stress and tone muscles.
Well, if there’s a more idiotic idea floating around the planet today it could only be the idea of global warming.
What would happen if everyone were to give up those cultural aspects they’ve adopted from other cultures?
For one thing, white people could no longer drink coffee.  That’s a chilling thought.  How about asking Native Americans to give up their cowboy hats?  Only Hispanics could eat at Mexican restaurants.  No more sushi unless you’re Japanese.  And I’m sorry, but steak and baked potatoes are a commodity originally eaten by rich white people, so no more black people at the steak houses, even the ones with the endless buffet.
Only Scottish people could drink Scotch whiskey.  No more bourbon outside Kentucky, and Tennessee sour mash would have to be consumed by the people who distill it, which is a theoretical impossibility.
I’ve made my point.  America is culturally diverse and we should celebrate that diversity, but to pretend that something, anything, is the sole possession of one ethnic or racial group is to desire a return to segregation.  Once you do that, the Jim Crow laws are just around the corner.
If you really want to live in a segregated society, they still exist.  Just pick a place in the Middle East and let me know when you get there.