Fullington Advances

Published 2:41 pm Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Fullington Academy Trojans played against the Central Fellowship Christian Academy Lancers to win the GICAA baseball semi-finals last weekend.  The teams each won a game on Friday forcing a third and final game on Saturday.  In the first game the Lancers scored two runs in the first inning, and the Trojans caught up with them in the third.  Both teams fought to break the tie, but would see no change in the scoreboard until the fifth inning when the Trojans gained five more runs, and the Lancers trailed behind with four.  It was in the sixth inning that the score drastically changed as the Lancers suffered on the mound and the Trojans gained 7 more runs.  The Lancers would come back with only 2 runs in the bottom of the sixth, bringing the score to Trojans 14, Lancers 6.  In the seventh inning the Trojans gained six more runs and the Lancers only two.  The first game ended with Trojans 20, Lancers 8.  Highlights were Will Mashburn pitching a complete game, Lane Mitcham with four hits, and Colin “Spanky” Infante hitting a grand slam.  Game 1 Stats:  Russ Taunton 1RBI; Will Mashburn 1H, 2RBI; Ty Tyndal 3H, 2RBI; Sam Evans 1H, 2RBI; Colin Infante 2H, 5RBI; Max Denney 1H; Austin McKinney 1H, 1RBI; Logan Priest 2H, 3RBI; Lane Mitcham 4H; 2RBI.

The second game seemed promising for the Trojans in the first and second innings, as at the end of the second inning the score was Trojans 3, Lancers 0.  However the following innings would not be as favorable for the Trojans.  Issues on the mound in the third inning pretty much determined the fate of the Trojans as they lost game two by a final score of Trojans 5, Lancers 17.  Noteworthy was a two run homer from Infante.  Game 2 Stats:  Ty Tyndal 1H; Evans 2H; Infante 1H, 2RBI; Dalton McLeod 1H, 1RBI; Mitcham 1H, 2RBI.

On Saturday the teams met battling to see who would advance to the state championship game.  The Trojans came out fighting and definitely gave it everything they had on the mound preventing the Lancers from putting a run on the board the entire game and ending the game after only five innings.  Leading the game were Will Mashburn pitching three innings, allowing only two hits, as well as Ty Tyndal pitching two innings, allowing no hits, and Evans going three for three at the plate.  The Trojans walked away winners with a five inning run rule, Trojans 10, Lancers 0.  Game 3 Stats:  Taunton 1H, 3RBI; Tyndal 1H, 1RBI; Evans 3H, 3RBI; Infante 1H, 1RBI; McKinney 1RBI; Mitcham 1RBI. 

The Trojans will travel to Louisville, GA on Friday to take on the Thomas Jefferson Academy Jags for the GICAA state baseball champion title.