Dooly Commissioners hear citizen’s complaint

Published 6:11 pm Friday, July 22, 2016


VIENNA — County Commissioners here heard complaints from one citizen regarding a matter with the EMS services in the county.

Portia Rollins alleged that her mother, Lois Reynolds, was not treated well by EMS in June when an ambulance had to be called due to complications from her diabetes. She alleged that EMS personnel drove a needle into her mother’s arm causing bruising and swelling.

Rollins also complained that there are no black EMTs employed with the Dooly County EMS. County Attorney Bert Gregory asked Rollins for the address to determine the date and time of the incident. Rollins refused the address deeming it personal information. She informed commissoners that she was considering filing a lawsuit against the county and EMS. 

When asked if she had spoken with EMS Director Don Williford about the allegations, Rollins admitted she had not. Williford was present at the meeting to answer any questions. Attorney Gregory discovered that Rollins did not have any power of attorney to discuss her mother’s personal medical records. She was advised to obtain such documentation and then she should speak with Williford on the matter to see if the issue could be resolved. Rollins said she wanted to go on ride-a-longs with EMS personnel to monitor their work and help make improvements.

Shantinika Felton, who has previously appeared before the board returned to further discuss the need for recreation for kids in Byromville.

She inquired about the possibility of the county assisting the recreation department and the City of Byromville with paving the basketball court.

Felton informed commissioners she was aware of there being $11,000 remaining in SLOST funds. She asked if the city and recreation department could come up with the materials if the county would be able to do the work.

Commission Chairman Terrell Hudson advised Felton it is the policy of the county to assist as long as the city provides the materials.

Gregory further advised they needed to make sure the land was owned by the city. Felton said she is working to get the ball rolling and appreciates the support from the board.

Also on the agenda:

• Commissioners approved the first reading of the county’s proposed new personnel policy. Anyone wishing to review a copy of the policy can obtain one at the County Commission office.

• County Administrator Steve Sanders informed the board that the Georgia Department of Transportation has announced that Dooly County is eligible for $573,177.46 of funding from the FY2017 LMIG Program. This is an increase of 27% over the FY2016 LMIG. The GDOT began accepting applications on July 1 and will continue until December 31.

• Sanders updated commissioners on the Intergovernmental agreement with the City of Unadilla for law enforcement services. Unadilla is still delinquent in payment for those services. Total amount owed is $622,084.