Back to school wishes

Published 5:44 pm Friday, August 5, 2016

Well school is officially back in session.

I want to personally wish all students in the area the best of luck in the coming year. Always study hard and do the very best you can. You are the future of our community and I believe the future is bright.

To all you teachers out there, what can I say….. YOU ROCK!!!! Plain and simple. You have one of the most difficult and important jobs there is. You are responsible for molding the future. It is a heavy burden to bear and is often a thankless job. It is my wish for you that God grant you the patience you need to deal with everyday trials and tribulations that come with the territory.

A special shout to all you Pre-K teachers out there because you set the bar for all those that come after you. First impressions are very important in any situation but a child’s first year of school sets the tone for the next 12 years…. Will they love school??????? Will they hate school????? That is a lot of pressure I know, but I am confident you can all rise to the occasion and face that challenge with the same style and grace you have in years past. Good luck.

With all that said I also must take a moment to share a few words of encouragement to the parents out there. There are those of you who will be sending your little birdies off to school for the very first time. Let us not forget the heartbreak those parents surely endure on the first day of school; the crying, clinging toddler holding on to mommy or daddy for dear life because they don’t want to be left at this strange new place… Even with the big slide and swings outside…. They just aren’t buying it. I remember my own son’s first day of school. He actually jumped out and ran in without fear…. I however cried all the way home and for at least two hours after I got there. I had cleared my whole schedule to be there to comfort him. It turned out I needed the comfort.

I have never considered myself to be an overly emotional person, although my son laughs as he disagrees with my assessment. I always tell him it is his fault.

Enjoy every moment. Be an active part of your child’s education. They will appreciate it and the teachers certainly will. Find out how you can volunteer. A parent’s presence is always appreciated. Let’s not forget those parents of this year’s graduating seniors. To the Class of 2017, Congratulations!!! All your years of hard work are about to pay off. Enjoy this last year but don’t slip.. Keep your eyes on the prize…  As parents, high school graduation is a moment we look forward to from their first day of school. Then the moment arrives and there is a hint of sadness. No more field trips, plays, band performances, chorus concerts, ball games, or late nights with a project or assignment they don’t understand. For me, I was OK, as long as it wasn’t math… I am an adult and I have no problems admitting that once they put letters in there I was completely lost. Finally to all you moms whose birdies are all grown up and will fly from the nest this year my heart goes out to you… I was exactly where you are this time last year… I cried watching my son pack his room up. I cried on the drive over. I cried helping him take his stuff into his dorm and I cried like a baby when he hugged me goodbye and most of the ride home (thank God my friend went with me for support).

There are so many emotions tied into this time for you.. Happiness, pride, excitement, fear, worry, You are happy for them, proud of what they have accomplished, excited about all they will get to experience, fear them being so far from home, worry about their safety and that they will eat well and get up on time, get to class on time, do their homework without you there to tell them 100 times. I call it the “College Mom Blues.”

I am here to tell you there is hope. It does get better, of course for me that was a very slow process. It eventually got to the point where I did not have to call “every single day” as he would say. I am grateful that I have a wonderful son who has a lot of patience with his poor mommy that worries about her boy.

Now, I have gotten used to him being home this summer and next week he will travel back to college. Of course I already have the Kleenex ready. My wish for all you college bound kids that laugh at us poor moms is that one day YOU HAVE ONE JUST LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!. Good luck.