What is Truth?

Published 11:48 am Wednesday, September 28, 2016

    In John 18:37, Jesus testified that He was sent to bear witness unto the truth. Immediately after this statement, Pilate asked, “What is truth?”

   Truth has always existed with God. Truth is as eternal and unchanging as God himself. All of God’s creation, whether on the Earth or in all of the known universe, or even beyond what is or can be known, bears witness of the truth. For example, in any science, when men have theories or opinions, their theories or opinions are proven either true or false by disciplined research. Through proper research and testing, truth is discovered, not created. Any scientist who ignores the truth of discovery will be frustrated continuously in every attempt to exalt opinion or theory above revealed truth. Truth stands alone on its own merit and needs no support. In the sciences, all true professors, scientists, and learned men, are able to continue to discover and build upon known and established principles of truth because they know that foundational truth is unchangeable and also necessary for the continuation and furtherance of science and discovery of more truth. Only a fool can believe that ignoring truth will somehow change it. Any place in science where opinion is substituted for truth will eventually meet with sure and certain failure, and established truth will be the light and standard by which the folly is judged.

   The same is true in religion. God’s word, the Bible, is the revelation of truth. Men may exalt their theories and opinions in an attempt to ignore truth, but it is a fool’s journey. All attempts to somehow ignore or change revealed truth on the principles of changing cultural desires, denominational creeds, felt needs, and heartfelt emotion that places man’s plight and temporal needs as central while ignoring sin, righteousness, and judgment are vain, and will soon be revealed and judged by the light of the truth of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. True men of God must ignore the opinions and theories of popular and modern thought and faithfully proclaim the revealed truth that glorifies God by exalting His Son. The Holy Spirit cannot and will not convict men concerning sin, righteousness, and judgment, while a man-centered gospel is being proclaimed. All who ignore or reject the true Gospel, stand helplessly and hopelessly condemned by God. Jesus said in John 18:37, “All who are of the truth will hear my voice.” May God raise up godly men who will faithfully proclaim the message of the cross!

Cornerstone of Faith,      

Tony Register, Pastor,                                               

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