It’s been a long time Coming

Published 8:21 am Monday, October 24, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

In the almost 60 years since the inception of Crisp County football, achieving 7 wins has happened just 15 times. So the win Friday night over Monroe is of historical significance. Why? Well because we have won 8 games 1 time, 9 games 5 times, 10 games 1 time, 11 games 3 times and 12 games one time in 1995. We have had one undefeated regular season in our history and that was 1980. We have an over all record of 299 wins to 328 losses and 14 ties. We have a home record of 170-144-7. We have been undefeated in region play 4 times in our history and we have won our region 6 times in 60 years.

I say this because folk’s times are changing and the Cougars are, as I believe a team of destiny. No! I am not jinxing our team just pointing out that we have come along way and still have a ways to go but I firmly believe barring a major let down or space aliens invading us that the coaches have the boys focused on one game at a time. As long as they continue their play with confidence and a never quit attitude we have all enjoyed this year, I see an undefeated season. One game at a time guys stay humble but confident listen when the coaches are teaching and you will all go even further than you have already. Crisp County is already very proud of you boys don’t stop now!!

Now as the late great Paul Harvey always said comes“ the rest of the story”.

The Cougars didn’t just get here by pure coincidence; oh no it took a lot of something called work. First of all when Shelton Felton got here in the spring of 2015, he not only inherited a team that was use to losing coming off a 3-7 season but that was inundated with a losing mentality. Let’s give a few example right here, (playing much larger teams on the road for a guarantee payday, that is a (we going to lose anyway so let’s get paid for it mentality). In the last 10 years from 2005 through 2014 the Cougars won 42 games and lost 63, that is 4.2 wins a season, woefully pitiful. Most of those who follow Cougar football know that playing Colquitt, Lee County, Tift and Valdosta is not in the best interest of our overall program, they are much bigger schools. I would however, love a shot at them this year. Next up when Shelton got here he discovered how weak this team was, (not a single player could bench 300 lbs.) when I was in high school 36 years ago there was at least 13 of us in the 300lb club. The touchdown club wasn’t broke anymore but it didn’t have much money. The number of total players was around 60 in the fall of 2014. Folks literally speaking we were awful. Fast forward 18 months and where are we now? The team started lifting weights hard and as a result all of them got a lot stronger. I have even seen some pretty nifty shirts that say, “Quit whining shut up and lift ”, I love it!!! Several men and women got involved in the touchdown club and now they have money and the boys get fed like they should amongst all the other little trinkets and gizmos that are needed for a team.

These are just a few of the things we have seen change in Cougar football in this short time span. A huge increase in participants as well. So lets do a checklist. 1. Install winning attitude 2. Get stronger 3. Increase Cardio 4. Work hard and coach the kids and last but not least 5. Make kids get their school work done (Applause applause right here please) I can keep going but yall get the point. Now onto the DOME!!!!!