Will Deal Dump Dooly Board?

Published 1:09 pm Tuesday, November 8, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

The Georgia State Board of Education has made a recommendation to suspend the Dooly County Board of Education. Now that the recommendation has been made, it is up to the Governor as to whether or not the Board members will be suspended and new members appointed.

As of right now, two board members are rotating off – Janie Winters and Melvilla West. Both are already set to leave the board on January 1.

Board members Eddie Almond, Kenneth Kellogg, and Freda Haddock are sitting on the Governor’s mercy seat.

What is not clear at this time is the fate of two other potential board members, Cory West and Katrice Martin Taylor, who are both up for election to the Board on Tuesday, November the 8th.

Both West and Taylor are unopposed in the general election.

Will the Governors powers of suspension also snare the two new comers as well? It seems unlikely but we have not as yet been given a definitive answer.