What ? Please say it ain’t so!!!

Published 7:54 am Wednesday, February 8, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright

Well looking around town I see a bunch of sad faces. The dirty birds with the grits blitz, Matty Ice the MVP, the best wide receiver in football, number  one offense in the NFL and of course the worlds worst curse choked again. This time it was a pure coaching mistake. From leaving to much time on the clock to not kicking a field goal. The Falcons had the game won all they had to do was finish the drill, but noooooo they decided to do just like them Braves and throw away another one. Ok my rant is over the Falcons had a great season and made it to the super bowl. So As my friend the living legend sports authority on all things in Georgia James “the fish” Fitzgibbons said.” To be a fan of Georgia and an Atlanta professional teams, you have to come to terms with the fact your teams may quite possibly never win a championship. 1980 and 1995 are just blips on the radar, but you continue to support them. You just hope that one day the forces of nature and the stars align to where we win another title, but until then endure the Hail Mary’s and 25 point blown leads. Be a proud Bulldog, Braves, Falcons, and Hawks fan! I will be till the day I die!”

Well that’s one way to put it another is they are world champion chokers. I mean they had them they really did and blew it! OK my rant is really over now! Now it is time for baseball season to get started and basketball will begin winding down. So we can now get a look at the all-new Atlanta/ Marietta Braves and their new total cost 1.1 billion dollar stadium. I suppose they will play better at the new SunTrust Park. Which brings up another point I don’t like these stadiums carrying corporate names like the AT &T stadium and about half of them are bank names. It is all about the money. I like the old names like Yankee stadium, Turner Field, Astrodome and so fourth. I will wait till after spring practice before I prognosticate on the Braves 2017 season. Hey what about them Bulldogs after such an all star recruiting year and the fact Georgia has the weakest schedule I can ever remember this year. An 11-1 record should be made easily and anything under a 10 win regular season would simply be a major let down. The year is going to be interesting but I know I will never forget the biggest blown game in Falcon history.joejoe-4-copy