Whats wrong with us?

Published 12:57 pm Tuesday, February 14, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright

On the outside looking in, one would wonder what is wrong with this bill. Georgia House Bill 232 would require mandatory gun training by all applicants for a firearms license in Georgia. Those that would be exempt are law enforcement, military, and reserves. The training as I read it would be simple and could be conducted by law enforcement officers, federal firearms dealers, and other organizations like the NRA.

Now the way I see it as a huge advocate of the 2nd amendment and supporter of the NRA, I must look at this bill like a “Trojan Horse”. All sensible adults, especially those close to my age and older, would rather a person holding a gun know how to use it. When I grew up, all of my siblings including my sister were taught gun safety by our father.

Rule 1:  The Gun is always loaded even if someone tells you it isn’t loaded.

Rule 2:  Never point a gun at anyone or anything unless you intend to shoot it.

Rule 3:  A gun is dangerous in the hands of the careless, they are not toys.

Violation of any of these rules was subject to great discipline; I will not go into that part. I suspect that most all baby boomers were taught some gun safety at some point in time. You have to drive as a learner for one year before you get a drivers license. I do not believe a 30-minute instruction on gun safety is any less important.

So why will this bill not pass. First of all it has no Republican sponsors, why? Is there something buried in the bill that is anti-gun. I suspect it might have a “poison pill” in it somewhere, I just have not found it yet. Liberal Democrats are sneaky  and always looking for a loophole of some kind to undermine the entire state of Georgia gun lobby. So what I am saying is the right wing doesn’t trust anything coming from the left and vice versa. Actually, I am getting a little aggravated by this mentality. I am pretty well a conservative, but I know that not everything the liberals come up with is wrong! Here is a very, very small list we can thank the liberals for: 40 hour work week, Social Security, GI Bill, Product labeling, title iX, and child labor laws. In my humble opinion, the greatest U.S. President was Franklin Roosevelt, the father of all liberal Democrats. I can make a great argument for him! It just seems that neither side knows how to talk to the other without becoming completely head exploding mad.

I don’t claim to know everything, but I do know the answer for why things are as they are. First of all, not all Democrats are hard-core left wing liberals. Actually only about 10 to 15% of the party is made up of these people. These people are the ones that believe it is ok for grandma and grandson to marry and have off-spring.  They are sick and disgusting. On the flip side, not all Republicans are hard-core, right-wing conservatives. These are the people that believe you should go to work for a $1.00 per hour and shut up about it. They represent about 10 to 15 % of the party. That leaves between 70 and 80 percent of America who are really a little more moderate. So, why not a strong independent party in the USA? Well, beats the heck out of me! I know this though, if you want to get elected President of the USA and you are a Democrat, you have to court them sickos on the left to get the nomination. Same goes for Republican candidates.  You have to kiss up to the snooty super rich if you want the nomination. Except for 2016, Donald Trump went against all conventional wisdom and won the nomination and the Presidency, so just maybe, some change is in the future. We have boat loads of problems in America and our childish acting, self-serving congressman are not doing their jobs. What all of them do is fall in line with party leadership or they get punished and lose reelection.

Hey guys and gals, how about you all grow some guts and just do the right thing and represent your constituency as you promised. Stop crying and whining about every little issue, you bunch of babies!

Oh, back to House Bill 232. I will continue reading it to see if there is “Trojan Horse” in it and if I find one, I will say kill it!  If not, then like I said on the outside, it seems reasonable.

As always, I welcome your comments.joejoe-4-copy