Zombie Invasion! Its real folks

Published 9:42 am Wednesday, March 1, 2017

By Joe Joe Wright

You know, the longer I live the more I can relate to the TV show “The Walking Dead.” I mean, take for instance Sunday night. Now, from my vantage point the only show that was going on my TV was “The Walking Dead.” It helps that Ms. Angie is also a fan of the show, and we have a bunch of TV’s anyway. If the “TWD” had not been on, I would not have been watching the spoiled rich, whiny movie stars out in Hollywood anyway. They actually make me feel nauseated in my stomach whenever I hear one speak. As if their opinion is more important than all the rest of us. I don’t think so! Actually, I would rather take advice from a one eyed, one-legged, one-armed toothless vagabond with a brain injury than a movie star. Actually, I have a great deal of liberal friends who are full of advice and some of it is pretty good, so I will stick with them rather than the soapbox people.

Now, back to the original statement about relating to the Walking Dead. We have about 16 to 18 million people in this country that are literally just walking around dead in the head. Even “Walkers”, as they are called on the show, have brain activity, but we have folks moving about without anything going on. When I say that what I am referring to, so there is no misunderstanding, is that the light is on but no one is home, their elevator doesn’t go all the way up, their cheese has slipped off their cracker, they have a full six pack – they just don’t have the little plastic thingy that holds everything together, few fries short of a happy meal, wheel is turning but the hamster is dead, dumber than a box of rocks, and of course, the old classic – not playing with a full deck.

I hate to watch when young people are interviewed. I cringe that the future looks very bleak. However, at least those that are young have an excuse they are young. When I see middle-aged people espouse some of their thought processes, I really get a sense of as the song from Hee Haw use to say, “gloom despair and agony on me, deep dark depression, excessive misery.”

Now, my friends please understand me! I am not in any manner making small of other people’s opinions. I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to an opinion; after all it is what makes America great. A diversity of opinions and cultures are at the core of Americanism.  Unfortunately, for us ignorance is bliss in the USA. Some how somewhere in the last 50 plus years, America has gone from being an enterprising nation full of hard-working, God-fearing patriotic people to a nation of lazy, stick-my –hand-out, you owe me free this and that and the other thing. News flash, PEOPLE! Nothing is free! Someone has to pay for it. Here’s one more little tidbit for all of you. There are radical Islamic terrorists in this world who want all of us dead. Unless you want that to become a reality, the enemy must be stopped over there and not allowed in here. Anyway, I believe in the USA and I believe we can overcome anything with God’s help, so how about everyone say a prayer for the United States we are going to need it! As always, I welcome your comments.joejoe-4-copy