One Knee or Two?

Published 5:01 pm Wednesday, May 30, 2018

By Melanie Sangster


A weekly fun chore is writing this column. There are so many things to write about and Atticus is always happy to provide me with something to tell you about. I won’t be writing about the bowl he broke this week. He wouldn’t care of course, if you knew about it. He has already forgotten it and it happened this morning. He simply took a nap. Maybe that isn’t the worst thing we could do, if you aren’t driving.

There has been an event in the news lately and I won’t share the details because their ignorance does not need any additional fuel. Disrespect is being used to protest. Doesn’t it seem that in an age where information and knowledge is so easily accessible that fewer people are using it? Ignorance remains the guiding force in lives.

We have become a nation of people standing up (or kneeling) to say that we are foolish and you can’t stop us from being as foolish as we want! Why is it that actually doing something about a situation that is important to you is cast aside for the opportunity to show foolish decisions? How does that make a difference?

There are lots of ways we get to make a positive difference in the world. There are those that make changes quietly, and those that make changes loudly. We each have a talent and opportunities. The changes we make may be big, small or personal. We have an impact on the world around us. Why not make that impact positively and with positive results.

The Little Lily Project comes to mind for me. My daughter and I saw a problem and chose to make a difference in our way. How would protesting have made a difference? Silently sitting still and ignoring the real problem to get attention for ourselves was not the answer. We can’t change the world, and we can’t solve every problem. We can have an impact and we can make a difference by joining together with others.

Perhaps there is something we could learn from these protesters; they seem to have it half right. Take a knee when things get tough. Why not take two knees instead? Why not carry the problem to the Ultimate Problem Solver? We can make a difference in many areas by using both knees.