Life, Liberty, and….. Immigration?

Published 2:46 pm Monday, August 31, 2015


Unless you’ve been hibernating for the past week, you know that the campaign trail, at least for the Republicans, has entered the land of political correctness.
Political correctness started out as a good thing.  It dealt with people who were challenged by some type of disability. Rather than calling that person ‘crippled,’ which was offensive, the PC crowd decided they should be called ‘physically challenged.’
The idea was to educate people without disabilities to focus on the person rather than on the disability. A wheelchair bound man became a man using a wheelchair. This was a good thing.
After the Politically Correct camel got its nose under the tent flap, so to speak, it didn’t stop until it was all the way into the tent, where it takes up a LOT of space.
Now the message the politically correct camel yells is “I’m offended by that, so you can’t say it, use it, display it, or put it anywhere anybody might be offended by it.”
The reporters on the campaign trail have decided they’re offended by the term ‘anchor babies’ when referencing children born in the United States to parents who are illegal aliens.
Before I continue, I want to remind my readers, that I worked for the Department of Family and Children Services for thirteen years. The last ten years I specialized in child abuse investigations.  During that time, I completed over eleven hundred investigations, of which forty percent involved Hispanic, mostly Mexican, families.  Less than ten percent were in the country legally.
Illegal aliens had two sure fire ways to avoid deportation: marry a citizen or birth a baby.
Back in 1994 these people were referred to as anchor spouses and anchor babies.
Before long word spread back to old Mexico that if a young woman came to the United States to have her baby she’d automatically qualify for WIC vouchers and Food Stamps. Most of the time that accounted for more money than they could make back home.
Since a citizen can’t be deported and since the government didn’t want to deport someone whose only crime was illegal entry, the illegals kept pouring in and having babies. Yes they did.
According to who you listen to, illegals are criminals seeking sanctuary, illegals come here to have a baby so they won’t be deported, or illegals are hard-working people that simply want a better life than they had back home.
Who’s right? It turns out everybody’s right, but that doesn’t mean that immigrants, legal and illegal, aren’t getting to be a problem.
Donald Trump wants to deport all illegals, wherever found and however located, whether or not they have an anchor baby, a child that’s a citizen of the United States.
“Oh, but Mr. Trump, the government doesn’t want to be a part of splitting up families!”
To quote John Wayne, “The hell it don’t!”
Remember that part about working for DFCS?  I watched the government split up families week after week, month after month, year after year.
Don’t tell me the Government isn’t about splitting up families, because I’ve watched it happen.
What about illegals? I wouldn’t deport them. I’d throw them in the county jail and let them earn their keep on the side of the road, picking up trash and working a sling blade for two years. By the time we turn them loose and send them back in Mexico, they’ll have come up with a plan to keep busy and earn their keep south of the border, I guarantee.