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Sweet Pea in the Manger ©

Our son, Jess, is home for a few weeks over the holidays and it’s so good to have him here with us on the farm. ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Chris Lewis.


By Neil Joiner The story of a young man named Eutychus is found in Acts 20:7-12.  He was seated in the opening of an upstairs ... Read more

8 months ago by admin.

Jesus wept

By Neil Joiner During my early childhood at Harmony Baptist Church, Mrs. Ilene Mashburn was my Sunday School teacher.  She used a felt board to ... Read more

9 months ago by admin.

Columnist Bill Milby shares some COVID-19 ‘Good Humor’

Not all is gloom and doom in the world. In fact this is just in from one of my faithful readers…..enjoy some Covid 19 Good ... Read more

9 months ago by admin.

Managing diabetes in five simple steps

By Dr. Seema Csukas CareSource Georgia Medical Director According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 34 million people have diabetes in ... Read more

10 months ago by admin.

On Indian Time

Here’s a little insight into living on an Indian Reservation, even temporarily. You’re on Indian time, whatever time it is.  Their subconscious motto is “Whatever ... Read more

12 months ago by Chris Lewis.

Flu prevention tips

Fall is for spooky decorations and spending quality time with family, but unfortunately, it also marks the start of flu season. Although complete immunity cannot ... Read more

1 year ago by Gabe Jordan.

Wallace Cemetery: An unsolved murder

Wallace Cemetery is a small country graveyard which rarely has a visitor.  An old headstone marks the spot where the young victim of an unsolved ... Read more

1 year ago by admin.

Tips for a healthy school year

After a summer full of activities, classrooms fill with old friends, new classmates and eager teachers, but with all the excitement of a fresh school ... Read more

1 year ago by admin.

Joiner’s Corner: The alma mater

I’ve been playing the piano since childhood, but it was only a few years ago that I learned the alma mater of Unadilla High School.  ... Read more

1 year ago by admin.

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