This is a very sore subject with me

Published 11:37 am Saturday, September 12, 2015

Georgia code 16-5-23 says that anyone who commits battery against a sports official is guilty of a High and aggravated misdemeanor, that carries a 12 month sentence and $5000.00 fine. Sports officials can be high school, middle school, college , pros, recreational or travel ball it makes no difference. Now of course all other assault and battery laws apply  in Georgia as well, not just this statute.
The recent cowardly act by the two boys in Texas that has drawn national attention for hitting the Sports official in the High school football game is very disturbing, but not unique. Activities like this and even alot worse have happened countless times over the years,  many times they are un reported. The fact is  a person officiating a sporting event doesn’t have a dog in the fight, i.e. they could care less who wins. I am not saying that no sports official has never  ever cheated, I am sure they have. What I am saying is that is more rare than a comet striking Earth. Being unbiased in sporting events is paramount to doing the job anyone that would cheat a team purposely is a low life scoundrel.
I have coached and called baseball, softball, football and some basketball for a very long time. I have never witnessed an official cheating. I have seen them make awful, terrible disgusting calls. I have seen them get rules just as messed up as a .. I myself was wrong once. ( Now yall didn’t really think I was going to bust myself out now did you lol) I have missed countless calls. It is an inherent part of sports even with instant replay now being used in Pro football, baseball and Basketball they still get it wrong, why? Because of the human element no one is perfect PERIOD. I do know this as a matter of FACT the official is right 7 to 1 over the coach and 16 to 1 over the fan. Not only do they know the rules better they are almost always in a much better position to see what’s going on. Now the officials I have trained over the years have all been told these things in no uncertain terms 1. Be approachable no coach or fan likes an official you cant ask a question, IT IS A COACHES JOB TO ASK QUESTIONS. 2. Study the rules don’t just take another officials word for  it you are responsible for getting it right not the coach.3. Have thick skin, if you going to get all puffed up because someone says aHHHH blue then don’t get involved you have to be a patient and tolerant person to officiate.
As an official recognize that people have emotions and they get the best of them sometimes  and they say stuff they shouldn’t, you have to be bigger than they are. Again you are in charge everyone knows that but act accordingly.
Now lets examine fans and coaches you are not right not even half the time you think you are when you are fussing at an official. I have been on both sides countless time and you are not right get it!!!!You fuss and say disgusting things to umpires and referees with absolutely no knowledge as to what you are fussing about. I have seen it more times than can be counted not just on games I am in but games I am watching. Some of the fans in this area are awful I mean terrible sportsman and shouldn’t even be allowed at sporting events, at sometime you have to grow up.
Now back to the main subject the two high school kids should spend 30 days in jail now and hopefully prevent a 30 year sentence later, apparently they have anger  management issues. They should not be allowed back on a ball field of any kind in high school ever. They are criminals and old enough to know that what they did was wrong and the coach told me to is not an excuse. IF IT IS PROVEN TO BE SO that the coach told them to do it he should be sentenced to 2 years in prison and be a convicted felon for the rest of his life. HE IS AN IDIOT!!!! I have personally seen acts in my life very similar to this in sporting events at 12 and under kids sports, People it has no place ever in sports. I love football better than anyone but the thought of harming a person over a sporting event shows that the priorities in our society are extremely skewed. It is not now nor will ever be OK for fans to cuss and or harm a game official. Why do we have to pay sports officials? Well use to especially in youth sports all officials were volunteers but those days are long gone. I welcome your comments.joe joe 2