Lets pump some Iron!!!!!

Published 10:23 am Saturday, September 19, 2015

BY JOE JOE WRIGHT/joejoe.wright@cordeledispatch.com
When Coach Henry first got here nearly 40 years ago one of the very first things he did was set up a weight program.
All schools have one but as time moves on and coaching staffs change weight lifting habits change along with how you should lift. I for one would like to see the Crisp County Cougars become a perennial powerhouse but at the very least I want us to be competitive. To do so we have to get strong. Here is a stat that is going to make a lot of old cougars cringe. We do not have a single player bench pressing 300lbs. Folks that is pitiful. I see that we now have more than 80 players and our weight room is way to small for that amount of people. Remember that all sports share the weight room and again what we have is inadequate. So next thing on the agenda is what can we do about it how can we get a bigger more modern facility. If you give a man a job, you have to give him the tools to do it!!!
Again we don’t have a single kid that can bench press 300 lbs, When I was in high school we had a dozen that could do that and more. Now granted I think that kids now days are lazy in comparison to 35 years ago but I believe our staff can get our kids motivated to lift weights. To be successful in football you need to have plenty of players, excellent conditioning, a good tutor program, dedicated players and coaches, strength and a dedicated and faithful fan base which includes administration, faculty and the general public. I see where our public support is picking up every week and I believe the administration has firmly got our teams backs. So now the only obstacle to this issue is financing, because it’s going to cost and cost alot to do it right.
There will of course be opposition to this endeavor as some think the money should be spent on this that or the other thing. I ain’t one of them I would like to see a new weight room. The great thing about America is we can agree to disagree and I welcome your comments on the issue. I am only saying that the Crisp County Cougar football team as a whole unit is weaker than well water and we need to get stronger! I can go into much more detail as to why we should invest in this project but I will wait till more appropriate time. This discussion is simply to get a dialogue started on the subject, or stir the pot if you will. As always I welcome your comments.joe joe 2