Life, Liberty, and….. Campaigning?

Published 6:29 pm Tuesday, September 22, 2015



The Liberals, specifically the Liberal Democrats, are about to paint themselves into a corner.  When they do, it’s going to be a long time while they wait for the paint to dry.
Donald Trump, while at a town hall meeting, failed to correct a member of the audience when said audience member referred to President Obama as a Muslim.  In fact, The Donald didn’t correct the man, he ignored him completely.
CNN, the Cable Nitwit Network, went postal over it.  So did the White House.  Even Hilbilly Clinton jumped on the ‘bash-Trump-he-needs-to-apologize’ bandwagon.
Apologize for what?  Because someone called President Obama a Muslim?  You ought to hear some of the thing President Obama gets called when the cameras aren’t rolling.
Here are my arguments in favor of The Donald.
Exhibit A: He went to church at Jeremiah Wright’s church all those years.
Friends and neighbors, I’ve been going to Methodist churches all my life, as well as a few Presbyterian churches and even an Episcopal church or two.  I’ve even been to the Baptist church, but most of the time that was for either a wedding or a funeral.
My point is that I’ve never heard a Christian preacher say the God-awful things that Jeremiah Wright proposed, recommended, and threatened.  He certainly doesn’t sound very Christian.
Exhibit B: When President Obama and Michelle Obama visited Queen Elizabeth, Michelle put her hands all over the queen, a big faux-pas when it comes to visiting royalty.  On another stop on that same trip, Mr. Obama bowed down to the King of Saudi Arabia.
So, in my book, disrespecting the Queen, the head of the Church of England (That’s ‘Protestant’ in Redneck, by the way), and showing obeisance to a Muslim king puts Sheik Obama squarely in the middle of the mosque.  If the ghutra fits, let him put it on.
Exhibit C: All the uproar at the White House about it simply proves the old axiom that a bit dog hollers.
Next up, Ben Carson, M.D. announces that he doesn’t think it would be appropriate to have a Muslim President in the United States.  That’s not a direct quote, but it’s the essence of it.
Again, the liberals, including Hilbilly Clinton, were outraged.  Why the First Amendment guarantees the free expression of religion.
Follow that rabbit trail all the way to the warren and what you get is a thing called Sharia Law.  It deals with a rape victim by having her beaten for being in the company of a man who is not an immediate family member.
Sharia Law deals with homosexuals by applying the death penalty.
What it boils down to is that a practicing Muslim president would be appointing judges, not just Supreme Court Justices, but Federal judges sympathetic with Sharia Law.  You can bet your last drachma the Supreme Court appointees would be real experts in Sharia Law too.
But, Clay, the Congress would never confirm a nominee with a background in Sharia Law.
Oh yeah?  Well the entire country sat back and watched the congress give its approval to the Iran nuclear deal without so much as a hiccup.  The Constitution clearly says the President’s treaties with other nations must have Congressional approval.  Yet that Iran deal is going through.
Ah, Clay, you’re just being a Chicken Little.  The sky’s not really falling.  Things like the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage are the law of the land, the same as their decision on Roe v. Wade.  They’ll never overturn stuff like that.
Yeah? That’s what they said about Prohibition.