Joe Joe’s Top 25

Published 2:50 pm Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Since I don’t like the AP and Coaches Poll top 25 I decided to print my own!

1.Ohio State “to be the man you got to beat the man”
2.Ole Miss ( going to Tuscaloosa and winning shows me something)
3.Georgia (that’s right I said It)
4.LSU ( Has beat some decent teams convincingly)
5.Oklahoma ( Till I am proven wrong)
6. Michigan State ( the victory over Oregon is not that big a deal)
7. Baylor ( weak defense)
8.Notre Dame ( Only because they beat Ga Tech )
9.FSU ( Soon as they beat someone they can move up )
10. Alabama ( Even with 1 loss still better than most everyone)
11.Texas AM ( A big win this weekend would poll vault them up)
12.Clemson ( A win this weekend would be huge)
13.TCU ( zero defense and defense wins championships )
14.Stanford ( another slip up would drop them to 25 )
15. UCLA ( another  in conference they move way up)
16. USC ( If they win out # 6 best they can achieve)
17.Wisconsin ( solid team)
18. Oklahoma State (finds ways to win )
19. Michigan ( they are back I see 9 or 10 wins this year)
20.Miss State( A lot of obstacles to get through)
21. Florida ( 4-0 they earned it)
22. Northwestern ( couple of more wins moves them way up)
23.California (How long they stay is up to them)
24. Texas Tech( well if TCU is top 15 then TT is top 25)
25. Duke ( they beat Ga Tech they have a good team)
I welcome your comments!!!!!!!!!!!!joe joe 2