I need a double handful of Prozac

Published 11:15 pm Friday, October 2, 2015


This weekend is going to be a mad house. First of all we are having a send off for my #2 son who is heading off to be a Marine good luck John. That in itself as you all may know is going to be an emotional day for me.
Throw in the fact that “The Georgia Bulldogs” are hosting the Tuscaloosa Trade School , in a game with national ramifications. Well now I am a wreck, nerves are shot and I don’t know whether to say good bye to my son or yell go dawgs! I have priorities after all. It’s a good thing he is a Dawgs fan he can sit with me. We have homecoming at Cougar den and a whole card full of ball games Friday and Saturday. That means at the most inopportune time my wife is going to have some ridiculous honey do list for me to perform and  anything after 12:00p.m. will be met with an (are you kidding me look.)
This should turn out to be a decent game given our competition. Of course if you listen to all the facebook naysayer then you already know that Georgia has five arrested this week etc etc blahblah. The problem is that isn’t true. In the Bulldog nation we call these people “bulldog haters”. Now most of these people are Tennessee, Auburn, Florida, Alabama or Ga Tech fans so there is no accounting for taste. Of course Tennessee getting a new mascot, it’s a opossum. They play dead at home and killed on the road.Auburn Coach going to fake a heart attack like Urban Meyer and move to the big 10. Florida is all boogar eaters. Nick Saban has already contacted his secret weapon  Harvey Updyke so we need extra guards on the Hedges. Oh and last but not least having already lost 2 games and playing in the weakest of the power five conferences the  Ga Tech yellow jackets are going to get “Bugged” by Bug Howard this Saturday. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump “that’s all I have to say about that.”joe joe 2