Joe Joe’s Top 25

Published 8:21 am Wednesday, October 7, 2015


!. Ohio State ( got to beat them first)
2. LSU (An SEC team is going to be up here)
3.Oklahoma( Till they lose)
4.Utah(I didn’t intend to leave them out last week)
5.Alabama( they just visited a good team and destroyed them)
6.Texas Am( I said last week they was moving up)
7.Baylor  ( just not impressed overall)
8. FSU( they keep easing up)
9.Clemson(impressive team)
10. Florida ( Big wins get big moves)
11.TCU ( they still weak on defense, Texas is pitiful)
12.Michigan St( just not impressed if they beat Buckeyes lookout)
13.Stanford( playing sound)
14.Michigan( definately back)
15. Oklahoma State( keeps winning)
16.USC( they to in consistant)
17.Northwestern ( i see them losing a couple soon)
18.California( 2 more wins they will crack top 11)
19.Ole Miss ( they came completely apart)
20.Georgia ( they lucky i let them in my pole)
21. Duke ( the dark horse of college football)
22.UCLA ( like Georgia over rated)
23.Toledo( yeah they ain’t bad)
24.Notre Dame ( LOL really they lucky, I have no respect)
25. Miss. St( Best of the rest)
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David Simmons sent me his top 16, he is the guest commentator this week. David goes by undefeated teams. My only problem with that is Alabama would beat the skin off some of them. But here they are
1) Utah
2) Baylor
3) LSU
4) Florida
5) Florida State
6) Clemson
7) Ohio State
8) Michigan State
9) Texas A&M
10) Oklahoma
11) TCU
12) Northwestern
13) Iowa
14) Oklahoma State
15) California
16) Toledo
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