Crisp County Midget Football Report

Published 8:59 am Wednesday, October 14, 2015

12140850_957442090969585_224134369794920276_nBy Michael Pamirko

Tuesday, October 6, 2015
10 & Under Hurricanes vs. Yellow Jackets
Hurricanes – 6
Yellow Jackets – 25
Hurricanes Highlights – Ahmad Brown and Reginald Troutman each had an interception. Kevon Merrell had many gains on running the ball.
Yellow Jackets Highlights – Ricky Johnson, Michael Waters, and Demarion Smith each had a touchdown.  Omar White had eight tackle and two sacks. Zymorian Hudson recovered a fumble.

10 & Under Gators vs. Bulldogs
Gators – 12
Bulldogs – 12
Gators Highlights – Ladarius Smith had several break away runs. Courtney Oliver (Trey), Jaylyn Weitman, and Dallas Howell all had multiple tackles. Kaleb Paul had a pass deflection that was key for the game. Jayden Clark had two running touchdowns for the Gators.
Bulldogs Highlights – Waltavious Mobley and Jammarious High had great games on defense.

Saturday, October 10, 2015
8 & Under Gators vs. Ducks
Gators – 12
Ducks – 0
Gators Highlights – Carmelo Ervin and  Zy Holt each had a touchdown.
Ducks Highlights – Malcolm Coney and Lenorien Patrick each had great defensive games.

8 & Under Tigers vs. Bulldogs
Tigers – 7
Bulldogs – 6
Tigers Highlights – Cam Williams had one touchdown along with Kayden Register having nine tackles with six for loss of yards. Tucker Ellenburg had four tackles and a forced fumble.
Bulldogs Highlights – Mark Walker had a seventy yard touchdown and Jay Corbin had a good offensive and defensive game. Zymorian Hudson has four tackles and Jay Corbin had seven tackles. Adrian Mays had three tackles and Tellis Fort Jr. had four tackles.

10 & Under Football Tigers vs. Bulldogs
Tigers – 12
Bulldogs – 12
Tigers Highlights – Semaj Chatfield had a forty five yard touchdown along with Adrion Holton having a twenty yard touchdown.
Bulldogs Highlights – Jimarrious High had two touchdowns from the backfield.