Joe Joe’s top 25

Published 8:49 am Wednesday, October 14, 2015

1.0hio St( Still unbeaten)
2.LSU (Not sure if anyone can beat them)
3. Utah (the Utes are solid)
4.Alabama( They lose again I drop them on down there Nah!)
5.Clemson( the game with FSU is huge gigantic must see)
6. Texas AM (Good but they not going to the show)
7.Baylor(better than TCU but not going to the show)
8. FSU( Comes down to Clemson)
9.Florida( breaks my heart to put them up here)10.
10.Michigan ( No team deserves to be here more)
11.TCU( headed for a fall)
12.Michigan St (over rated)
13.Ole Miss ( still a good team)
14.Oklahoma ( Going to break some big 12 hearts in few weeks)
15. Stanford ( 2nd best team in Pac 12)
16.Iowa( 3rd Best in Big 10)
17.Oklahoma St( 4th Best team in Conference)
19.Notre Dame(beat usc they move up a little)
20. Northwestern(got beat by a good team)
21.Toledo (undefeated but not for the year)
22.Duke ( Finds ways to win)
23.Boise St (they can win big games history has shown us)
24Georgia (two losses but still better than most)
25.Temple (can’t believe I just put the Owls in a top 25)

An early look at the play offs

FSU vs Clemson winner is # 4 seed.

Ohio St vs Michigan winner # 3 seed

LSU vs Alabama winner is #2 seed

Utah wins out west is #1 seed

on the outside looking in TCU, Baylor and Oklahoma all beat each other and are out. No one else is qualified as of NOW!!!!
AP top 25

1.      Ohio St.
2.     Baylor
3.     TCU
4.     Utah
5.     Clemson
6.     LSU
7.     Michigan St.
8.     Florida
9.     Texas A&M
10.     Alabama
11.     Florida St.
12.     Michigan
13.     Mississippi
14.     Notre Dame
15.     Stanford
17.     Iowa
18.     UCLA
19.     Oklahoma
20.     Northwestern
21.     Boise St.
22.     Toledo
23.    California
24.     Houston
25.     Duke

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