Wright or Wrong Pickems

Published 8:41 am Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wow ! out of the frying pan and into the skillet. I can’t pick an apple, way to many upsets. In College this week  I got 5 out of 9 right not very good and 0-1 in high school. So let’s add these numbers to my year to date. My new total is 69 out of 95 which is a year to date of ( .726). This week is going to get harder I will need a little luck.
Starting with High school action I see Dooly after a very impressive win over Hawkinsville traveling to Ellaville and putting on a smack down. Wilcox with a week off should be rested and ready( they will need to be) Charlton is always good, in a close one Wilcox comes out on top. Crisp Academy travels to DEA winner DEA. Fullington heads up north to play Nathaniel Greene. Even with their depleted numbers I see Fullington coming out on top.
Louisville will push FSU but not enough FSU wins. Iowa travels to Northwestern who is still bleeding from the stomping Michigan laid on them and I see Iowa squeaking by them. Other winners will be Toledo, Baylor, Ole Miss and Oklahoma. I have not given Michigan State any credit all year and I ain’t going to start Michigan wins this one in the big house. I see the Tide continues to roll in College Station and Clemson just keeps on putting up the W’s. TCU and LSU both win along with Georgia. I hate Notre Dame but I dislike USC even more the Irish win. Ohio State will handle Penn State at home and Utah will scalp the Red Devils of Arizona State. On a professional note the Falcons will escape with a 24-23 win in New Orleans.joe joe 2