Midget Football Report

Published 4:36 pm Thursday, November 12, 2015

Saturday, October 7, 2015
12 & Under Vols vs. Cougars
Vols Highlights –Jacorion Jones had a four yard touchdown with Zyterrious Hudson missing the extra
point. Javair Deriso had one interception within the game.
Cougars Highlights – Mariek Thomas had a sixty yard return on kick off for a touchdown with Jack Carter
missing the extra point. Jykese Mason made a strip on a play for a turnover along with Courtney Griffin
and Alex Hollingsworth having an interception. Jack Carter connected with Courtney Griffin on a ten
yard pass that turned into a seventy yard touchdown. Amarion McKensey had several key tackles for
loss in the game for the Cougar defense.
8 & Under Bulldogs vs. Ducks
Bulldogs Highlights – Adrian Mays recovered a fumbles along with Mark Lewis having a twenty five yard
Ducks Highlights – The ducks defense held the Bulldogs offense to only one touchdown. Many key
tackles helped keep the game close for both teams to win.
8 & Under Tigers vs. Gators
Tigers Highlights – Jordan Fox on the first play of the game ran for forty five yard which resulted in a
touchdown. Kayden Register had a recover fumbles in the game.
Gators Highlights – Bernard Carter had several key hits on defense for a loss.
10 & Under Bulldogs vs. Gators
Bulldogs Highlights – Trey High had a ten yard touchdown with the PAT no good.
Gators Highlights – Aaron Walker had a fifteen yard touchdown PAT no good. Garrett Sewell and Kevin
Sewell made key tackles on defense that helped the Gators in the ball game.
10 & Under Yellow Jackets vs. Hurricanes
Yellow Jackets Highlights – Michael Waters had two touchdowns from thirty yards out and forty two
yards out. Demarion Smith also came through with a touchdown from nine yards outs. Ricky Johnson
punched in the extra point from three yards out. Ka’Eric Merrell recovered a forced fumble.
Hurricanes Highlights – Randarian Colbert made a hard run into the end zone from twelve yards out with
Jamarion Troutman kicking the extra point.