Just a small example

Published 11:36 pm Friday, November 13, 2015

The above photo is for demonstration purposes only. It is a local dug out. Nothing spectacular about it except it is a poor and unsafe design, Kids are not going to pay attention all the time and I personally have seen serious injury occur right where you are looking now.
The point here is to make people aware that there are dangers everywhere. The Crisp County Government was suppose to add five new fields at our youth ball complex and two soccer fields with SPLOST money. It’s been 8 years since these fields opened up and no more additions except some covers over bleachers. This facility badly needs batting cages and safe pic nic areas.. We have a nice place and it needs to be second to none. Further more let me say that in 2008 when the economy tanked the County Commission had to make some drastic changes and tighten the spending belt. This move along with having built up a surplus war chest, shows that the Crisp County Government has always been fiscally responsible with our tax dollars. Many Counties’ around here and around the State of Georgia were not in as good a shape to handle the down turn in revenue, as was Crisp County. Now as the economy has slowly rebounded, I am certain the County Fathers will again look to build us a surplus, at least I hope so. SPLOST money is not apart of that scenario and it can be used to improve facilities and make areas safe. In our schools and in our Recreation Department. The time has passed that safety issues at our parks should be addressed. In time more and newer facilities for children and the elderly will have to be built but as for now making everything as safe as it can be will have to suffice. I welcome your comments.