What is the Right thing to do

Published 11:28 pm Friday, November 13, 2015

With the recent serious injury to one of our own here in Crisp County, it really makes one think. Joseph was injured in car accident and this article is more on Sports injury. However, the fact that any young man or woman in our home area suffers from serious injury should be a concern for all.
In March of this year 14 year old Colton Shaw of Valdosta was killed in what was described as a “ freak” accident, when he was hit in the head by an errand throw while sitting in the dugout. In the dugout really! You should be safe in the dugout one would think but this is really not an isolated incident. As a sports official I can personally attest to many un safe moments. As an umpire you are ultimately responsible for the safety all person in the confines of the field. As my old Mentor Herbert Hughes use to say forget the fans and the coaches you are responsible for everyone’s safety. I can recall times when I told Coaches things I wanted them to do and for the most part coaches will not fuss about a safety issue, but sometime people just don’t see the danger. I watched a 13 year old girl get all of her four upper teeth get knocked out one day. Why? For not paying attention.
In 2007 there were 920,000 athletes nation wide under 18 treated in an emergency room, doctors office or a clinic for a sports related injury. These figures according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. I have seen my own children injured in sports more than once and by the grace of God they made it out alive. There are literally countless ways for someone to get hurt. I for one have never been nor would advocate putting children in a “bubble” but we have to be constantly vigilant and looking for dangers. We all know that kids just don’t see them, but what about adults that can’t see the forest for the trees. We are all guilty, me more than any but my experiences have taught me to always be looking.
There are just multiple types of sports injuries from mild to very serious. Football produces are large number of concussions. Now back in my day a concussion was referred to as “getting your bell rung”, however, we now know that concussions are and can be serious business after years of study. This means that kids today are getting the benefit of all us older people being used as guine pigs. Your Welcome!
Traumatic Knee injuries ACL/PCL, meniscus’s, etc, etc . these have been going on forever. It has just been in the last 30 years they really got good at fixing this other than that you just suffered. Heat injuries like exhaustion, cramps and stroke were very common but the National Federation of High Schools and the NCAA along with Georgia High School Association brought the hammer down so to speak on dealing with heat. I believe that time will tell as a result of these initiatives many injuries and lives have been saved. How about High school trainers WOW! We never had that we had water boys called managers that had no medical skills now Crisp County has one of the few qualified trainers on staff Paul Hamilton is at every event , practice you name it. When ever I go by and that is often he is always there.
Folks the bottom line is there are so many things that can get players hurt and or killed. Our job as adults in the community is to try our very best to eliminate as many areas of concern as we can. In this endeavor we should never say it cost too much NEVER, because the flip side of it is someone may die! So as we move forward in this world of sports maniacs, we need to be careful, diligent and always asking ourselves what is the right thing to do? I welcome your comments.