Where are they Now: Jimmy Alexander

Published 11:32 pm Friday, November 13, 2015

At a time when tensions were high in High Schools around the State, who you have handling athletics is very important. Athletics is like a glue that brings people together, just go watch “Remember the Titans” you will see what I mean. In Crisp County a young coach arrived in the fall of 1970. James Thompson Alexander aka Jimmy aka “spook”, joined Tom Avret’s squad at Crisp County High. Jimmy came into coach quarterbacks and baseball. “Spook” as he is affectionately called by many former players and friends graduated in 1964 from Lyons High School over in Toombs County where he played quarterback and was All-State. Jimmy went onto ABAC to play baseball and basketball for long time legendary Coach Benny Dees.
Jimmy left there and transferred to Austin Peay University in Clarksville, TN to play ball up there as well. Upon graduating college in 1969 in Tennessee Jimmy would come back to South Georgia where he would coach one year at Statesborough High School. This is where Jimmy met Coach Avret and a year later followed him to Crisp County. Jimmy was a coach that new a great deal about several sports, in as much as he was a star athlete in baseball, football and basketball. “ Spook could coach anything and do it well,” said Cliff Hearn a former player. Coach Alexander coached one the most talent laden baseball teams that Crisp County has ever seen. Numerous scholarships were awarded to the squads of 1971 and 1972. Coach Alexander left Cordele after the 1972 year and went on to become the Head Coach at Robert Toombs Academy. Coach would stay there 4 years and gaining a State title in football along the way. During this stretch of time Coach would continue his education gaining his Masters degree and finally his 6-year degree from Georgia Southern in 1979. Coach moved over and coached at Glenville High School in Tattnall County and at Lyons Senior High. He felt the call for administrative change and made that move when he got back in Toombs County. Coach Alexander stayed in the administrative part of education for the rest of his career finally retiring in 2005. However, he couldn’t sit still so he took a part time position with Toombs County Board of Education as their Truant officer, where he remains today. Coach Alexander met and married his wife the former Jackie Patterson of Lyons, Ga. and they have 2 kids Doug and Holly. Doug is a Vice Principle in Jeff Davis County and Holly owns a beauty shop in Lyons. They have 5 grand kids Carol Anne, Jessie, Chloe, Jackson and Adrian. Jimmy and Jackie and are about to celebrate their 50th wedding Anniversary on June 16th. Now days Coach Jimmy enjoys his grand kids and Georgia Tech football. Coach wanted everyone in Crisp to know how much he enjoyed his time here and the people.