Jesus Vs The Bulldog Nation

Published 8:20 am Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Jesus vs The Bulldog Nation
By Joe Joe Wright
Over the weekend I became engaged in what can only be described as a runaway train. I started it by posting the destruction of a Bulldog figurine on Facebook. I was angry with The University of Georgia for their foolish dismissal of Mark Richt.
I was wrong a grown man should know that the poor figurine had nothing to do with it all.
With that said this will also be my last post about the Mark Richt dismissal, I got other stories to cover.
Many people in this world are football fans, many are a part of the bulldog nation. I might add that some of the very best people on earth are included in that group. Some played football and some have coached football. I myself have done both. I have often heard all kinds of statistics from people on Coach Richts record in the last 5 years against ranked opponents or last 7 years or all time etc etc. My statistics come from a very reliable source Wikipedia. You see I don’t just take someone’s word for everything, why , because people lie and also they don’t do their own research, I do. In 15 years from his first game till he played Ga Tech on Saturday Coach Mark Richt has a 41-36 record against ranked opponents. He has played against 26 top 10 teams and owns a 11 and 15 record in that department. Nick Saban and Les Miles in the SEC are the only two coaches that hold a better record than Richt.
You see I wrote about this awhile back, “ What have you done for me lately,” attitude of the Bulldog Nation is going to bite them. If I have heard “he can’t win the big one” once I have heard it 100 times. Well six SEC East crowns and two SEC crowns says that is not so. People football is all about character and character will add up to wins in the long run. To build a program that all can be proud of you have to separate the wheat from the chaff . Coach Richt understands that and he has spent many years weeding them out , sending them packing cleaning up his house to make the University of Georgia a shining beacon of honor that all colleges could look up to.That way when Georgia won a national title it would mean that much more because it would have been won the right way. But NOOOOOOOOO we gotta have it all right now we want to win a national title today. I have heard that other schools are already reaching out to Coach Richt I for one maybe come one of them Turtle fans up there in Maryland. Maybe he goes to South Carolina so we have to look at him every year or perhaps Coach Richt goes home to South Florida to The “U” in Miami. He has indicated he wishes to continue coaching. Now as for the less than hmmmmmmm good Athletic Director At the University of Georgia. He indicated that Richt stepped down on his own and that their conversation was between them. No my friend that ain’t the way that works. You see both of you are public officials and millions of people love Mark Richt and I guess maybe your wife and kids and mother are the only ones that love you. You have been deceitful in our eyes avoiding the truth and hoping this will all go away. If the University fires you as some believe is coming, then they need to fire the President as well because he stood by while you pulled your Coup de gra .Yes there are a million Georgia fans that wanted Coach gone but apparently just looking at facebook there are 8 million that want him to stay. Oh well I will move on just I know Coach Richt will. But last but not least and I will end my Coach Richt tirade. Coach Richt did things the right way, he was an excellent Coach as those who know something about coaching will tell you, he was an even better role model and character builder.A Christian who walked the walk, an honorable man who other coaches choose as their choice to coach their own kids. In my eyes the finest example of what a college coach should be and he was definitely done wrong by the University of Georgia. May God Bless you Coach Mark Richt. Jesus is watching.