All Area Player of the Year

Published 8:36 am Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Please vote only once but please vote for the most deserving candidates in each sport. We will also

give recognition to the 1st team and honorable mention candidates. We will have statistics as they are

available to help voters. All student athletes must be academically eligible to win. Please fill out the election

form completely. Criteria must be a student athlete in Crisp County High, Crisp Academy, Fullington

Academy, Dooly County High School and Wilcox County High. You may vote only once. All of our kids

deserve recognition for their hard work and by filling out this ballot you are insuring that our players in

this area get recognized for their achievements. Turn in your votes to the Cordele Dispatch at 401 E 16th

Ave Cordele, Ga. No one will see your ballot. Please vote for the candidates you feel are qualified. A full

list of nominees will be printed several times in the next few weeks, but the December 18th Deadline is

not that far away so get the ballots to us. You may also email me a copy of your ballot to joejoe.wright@