It might sound easy but it ain’t

Published 2:28 pm Friday, December 11, 2015

By Joe Joe Wright

It’s been awhile since Crisp County has been in a good situation but we are in a good one now.

As you may or may not know Crisp has been dropped in classification to triple A ball and now we occupy a spot in region 1AAA. Our partners in this new region are Cook County, Monroe of Albany, Dougherty County and Old Worth County. That is a total of 4 region games so now Coach Felton and the Cougars football team need to find 6 more games. That folks is a lot of extra games to fill  in. I have been assured that All powerful 7 A Colquit County will not be one of them. Thank God!

Now one might think that getting those games filled is easy, well it ain’t. First of all you don’t want to have to travel a great distance, so keep it under 100 miles. Then make sure you don’t stack the deck against yourself i.e. Colquit, Valdosta etc. Then also you have to consider how your opponent might feel. If they are much smaller they may not want to play you same as we don’t want to play schools with 2800 students compared to our 1101.

So what happens in a case like this well you spend hours on the phone playing phone tag with other coaches in your general area that might be willing to play you. It is my understanding that Dooly and Crisp will continue to play each other. I am glad it is 9 miles apart, it is a big gate for the teams, many of the players all know each other and the fans delight in the rivalry. Forget that Crisp is much bigger in numbers Dooly always has athletes so its generally a contest.

So that’s 5 games with 5 to go. Americus is one of our oldest and biggest rivalries, ( the battle of the Flint ). If it can be arranged then most definitely they should be on the list. Westover of Albany, and Albany High are two teams we have a history with and they are close to us in size and geography. I f they can be landed then we got three more to get. Perry and Peach are close as well in numbers and less than 40 miles away, so now we are down to just one team.

I can see the Coaching staff laughing at me now saying if it was just that easy!!  You see  I am a pointer. My Dad taught me when I was a boy . He would go into the yard and point his finger at this rake or that lawn mower or those shrubs and say lets get at it and don’t go no where I’ve got something else for you to do when you are finished. Only problem was “we never got at it” only Joe Joe got at it. So now some nearly 40 years later I get to point my finger and say hey let’s get at it.  So just in case they have run out of names and schools to call I have decided to add some here for them to call. West Laurens, Dublin, Dodge, Turner, Shaw, Pierce County, Carver of Columbus Appling County, Crawford County Early County Berrian County Bleckley County and West Side Macon to just name a few, However, we all might get our tires cut  at West Side Macon so make them the last call.

One more little tid bit before I sign off Crisp County is now the largest AAA school in  South Georgia and the 8th largest in the whole State. We trail East Hall County which is the largest by only 29 students. It is about time we caught a break.joe joe