The Falcons should get a new Quarterback

Published 11:17 am Saturday, December 19, 2015

By Joe Joe Wright

Well first and foremost the man is a chicken. He is petrified to run. I am watching this guy playing against Carolina and he has at least a ten yard gain in front of him if he will just run. Maybe 15 yards and then he could hook slide. Only thing I can think of  is he must have said something about Thomas Davis mama or something cause you couldn’t have made him run if you had put a gun on him. The man is scared. I have been around football all my life and I know just a tinsy winsy little bit about it. Quarterbacks can’t be scared or they are totally ineffective.

A Quarterback has to be smart, quick thinker, elusive, decent speed, good arm, tough as nails and above all fearless. A pro Quarterback has to be that and  much more. Now the inevitable argument will always be in this case, “ well they pay him to throw not to run.” Naw people they pay him to win at all cost and if he is to chicken to run relatively safely I might add just10 yards to help his team and himself, well its time to cut him lose. He has lost his nerve and doesn’t trust himself in the red-zone and is afraid he is going to get as my friend  Mike “Spanky “Forehand said a BOO- BOO.

So Falcons here is the plan cause yall can pack up your bags as you are “done for this year” Go get a new Quarterback in the draft.

Now Mr. Banks what have we learned to day. 1. Fearless Quarterback ( us southern fans don’t like cowards). 2. Smart and elusive 3. Great Arm and 4. Tough as Nails.

Now who out there fits the bill well Peyton has gotten too old. You can’t get Brady or Cam. Drew Brees, Philip Rivers and Eli out of reach as well. You can go draft one there are several coming out this year that might make a good Pro Quarterback. I hear there is a kid at Clemson that’s pretty good, and one at Michigan State and TCU. I know the boy at Baylor is tough he wanted to play with a broken neck. Ah!!!! Now Mr. Banks if you would go sit down with this one take his hand look him in the eyes maybe slap him a couple time upside his head to get his attention I would love to see “Johnny” Football in Atlanta. 

That joe joeis with a total attitude adjustment. He would be awesome. What ever yall do up there and I know you guys know more than me but if you go draft the Quarterback at Georgia then you need to sell your team, because you are the problem. So Whatever you do right or wrong please do something because you are just killing us loyal Falcon fans with yalls up and down and up and down playing As Forrest Gump said “ and that’s all I have to say about that.”