Cam Newton MVP?

Published 8:29 am Thursday, December 24, 2015

By Joe Joe Wright

Not that long ago I really didn’t like that kid. He was a little to brash for me and he played for a team I didn’t care for at all.

Now Cam Newton is starting to impress me. He has gone from being just another running Quarterback   to an all around field General which is what a great Quarterback is after all. He is centered himself dead in the middle of the NFL’s MVP race and as a matter of fact as of now  he is leading the race. Let’s see there is Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers and Carlson Palmer all in the race. There really are not any other position players in the running this year. Brady has  a few more yards total offense and a better QB rating and higher passing percentage, less fumbles and less interceptions. Oh and less we forget Brady has been playing with a decimated lineup all year. So Brady is way up there in my book. Now Aaron Rogers isn’t having a stellar year  he is just having another typical good Rogers year. So I’m not going to dwell on him. Carson Palmer is lighting it up for Arizona and his credentials are strong but I still don’t see him beating Tom Brady out.

Now we come to the object of my frustration. Cam aka “Scam” Newton is beating everyone. So far this year the Carolina Panthers are perfect 14-0. They have beaten just about every good team in the NFL and they did it with very good defense and a Quarterback that runs and throws and leads his team. He is leading by example. Cam started years ago handing touchdowns to fans in the stands and this year he has been very busy. Cam has been very active in the charities of his team and his own Foundation. It is really good to give and shows that Cam has grown up but giving away money and handing out footballs to children doesn’t win you a NFL  MVP award.

That is reserved for performance. Let’s look at the numbers 58.8% completion percentage not overly impressive. 3402 yards passing that’s good enough for 15th place 4 fumbles and 10 interceptions 15th place again. So far this is not a MVP performance. However let’s look at the other intangibles. With 580 yards rushing he is in 28th place of course  the 27 ahead of him are running backs that get paid to run. He is number1 among QB’s. and touchdowns well he has 7 rushing to go along with his 33 passing and that puts him 2 ahead of Tom Brady. His 98.9  QBR is just below Brady’s 103.8 For the most part Brady and Newton are neck and neck and Palmer barely behind.  If Newton wins out his regular season and doesn’t just trash his numbers then I wouldn’t have an argument with him winning but at the same time I can’t argue with Brady winning either. As I see it even with Matty Ice at QB for the Falcons. I picture an upset this week. Falcons 20 Carolina 17. As far as the playoffs go well lets wait till next week to start that conversation. Oh and by the way Cam Newton wins MVP in close race. joe joe