Hello 2016

Published 8:15 am Monday, January 11, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

I still have dreams of playing in the NBA. I guess that since I am 5’7 over 200 lbs, I have a heart condition now, I don’t jump very high and my jump shot percentage is around 24%, it will have to remain  a dream since I don’t think I will make it.

I don’t see very well anymore either as I need reading glasses. So I guess making the NFL and the major league is probably out of the question as well. It is kind of sad for me as I really enjoy watching these sports. Oh and since my heart surgery in April I am a little reluctant to umpire or referee any ball games so I will miss all the “ah blue” comments or more realistically people usually just said my name and it went more like “ Joe Joe you are horrible that’s the worst call I ever seen,” really the worst I don’t think so. My response occasionally would  be  “ just hold there I can make a lot worse calls than that just don’t go nowhere.” Wow those were fun times. Unless you have ever called a ball game with Herbert Hughes well you just haven’t lived, now that is fun.

I will continue to direct some ball tournaments in 2016 but not as many as I once did. No for the most part I intend to write and talk about sports all year long. I hope to travel some and go visit family but I think Angie might as well get use to me hanging around the house ALL YEAR LONG! Boy she will love that (sarcasm). What can we expect in 2016 at the Dispatch. Let’s see Player of the Year and team awards will continue, where are they now  will continue, stories on all ball games and my column will continue. Special coverage of any and all youth sporting events in Crisp, Dooly or Wilcox County will continue, along with all schools within these counties. We will be doing a one time only sports history collage  for people to keep. Now what do I need. I need people in all three counties taking pictures of games and sporting events all the time and sending them to me along with information on said event i.e. who, what when where and how. I can’t be at all events everywhere it is not possible but I want to make sure that all of our activities and our kids are given as much recognition as is possible. With the citizens help more kids will land in the paper. Now I can’t be any plainer than that so send it to me or call me!!

I intend to lose about 20 pounds and I am thinking there ought to be a pill for that but the more I look into it the more it looks like I am going to have to exercise argh ugh I said it. I will continue on my no smoking streak I actually have not had any desire for a cigarette at all. April 6th will be one year cigarette free. That was  the day of my heart attack. The Dispatch will continue to  print the Football, Baseball and Basketball special editions. One thing that will change in 2016 is I will be reaching out even more to the general public for input into your local paper so please help and cooperate. Also my better half has decided that we are getting a little dog a puppy no older than 3 months so any suggestions. It only has to be really cute to her.

I will see yall at the ball fields.joe joe