Wilcox Banquet

Published 3:52 pm Friday, January 15, 2016

Softball Awards

Team Awards:

Most Valuable Player – Laura Lee Keene

Most Valuable Pitcher – Laura Lee Keene

Offensive Player – Oakleigh Reeves

Infield Defensive Player – Haley Howell

Outfield Defensive Player – Autumn Tripp

Region Awards:

Defensive Player of the Year – Haley Howell 

1st Team Pitcher – Laura Lee Keene

1st Team Infielder – Oakleigh Reeves

1st Team Infielder – Montana Ellis

2nd Team Infielder – Marquetta Griffin

2nd Team Infielder – Marteisha Griffin 

2nd Team Pitcher – Kaylyn Shoemaker

2nd Team Pitcher – Autumn Tripp

Honorable Mentions – Michelle Fuller, Megan Fuller, Courtney Quigg, Marteisha Griffin, Summer Ellis


MVP  Antwan Benjamin. Best offensive back  Garrison Patterson. Best WR  Jordan Benjamin.  Best offensive lineman  Marques Ferguson. Best defensive lineman  Steven Turner. Best Linebacker  Larry Pierce. Best defensive back Robert Bishop. Coach’s award  Jay Hayes. Bobby Gibbs Strength award Chad and Matthew Turner.
Football cheerleading: MVP Katelyn Parker. Captain’s award Katelyn Parker and Daisja Daniels. Most spirited  Haven Hollingsworth.  Coach’s award  Maggie McGuinty