Is it a Question of Character ?

Published 3:02 pm Friday, March 25, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

The other day when the national media jumped all over the Adam Laroche story, there was a lot of  oohs and aahs and what a wonderful man he is and  how he loves his son.

Touching!!! “He is giving up 13 million dollars this year to be with his boy.” That is really touching only if everyone else could act like Laroche.. Really!!!! Laroche  batted .207 last year barely above the mendoza line.  Laroche was a decent player for about 6 years but the numbers he posted last year would very likely  have got him cut this year. No major league team wants or needs a 13 million dollar, old, slow .207 hitter.

Ok I know this was about his kid. NO it wasn’t he inserted the kid into the picture. If he was as good as Buster Posey the front office for Chicago wouldn’t have said anything. However, I still haven’t made my point so here it is. KIDS don’t belong at your work!!!!!. An occasional visit is ok or a family day outing, but if you think bringing your kid to work everyday is or should be ok you have a problem. What if all the other 25 guys on their permanent roster wanted to bring all their kids to the ball park. You might have 40 or 50 kids out there. Now all of a sudden you have a hazard. Kids get hurt at ball parks and you certainly as a player can’t watch them all the time. Naw I think you knew you was on your way out and you was looking for a convenient outlet. Either that or you are a nut case. No person alive or dead loves their kids more than I love mine but I can’t even fathom  the thought of taking Kathleen, Matt or John John to work with me everyday when they was kids. That is not normal by any means. If some of you out there are thinking I am wrong or to opinionated well this  is an opinionated column.

I am glad La Roche loves his son that is great. Did he really pass over a 13 million dollar pay day so his boy could go everyday with him to the park. No I don’t buy it. Let’s see if anyone picks him up for the year and pays him 13 million and lets his boy be there every minute. I sure hope the Braves don’t go get him. Now I have done it, I just jinxed the Braves. I will have to consult Ms Coach on the BRAVOS future in 2016.joe joe