What’s Wrong with America

Published 4:27 pm Tuesday, March 29, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright


My idea of a perfect High School curriculum. 1. Reading 2. Writing 3. Arithmetic 4. Sports team participation 5. History   and  6.Power Mechanics..There are several that would be immediately eliminated. 1 hour for lunch and 30 minutes for a nap after lunch.

Some people  pitch a fit when they see  a ball player pray or cross their chest in reverence to God. Take Tim Tebow,  in my opinion one of the best football players of his era and a devout Christian that walks the walk. He gets all kinds of  remarks made about him because of his faith.

Let’s flip the scrip if he was a Muslim and wanted a prayer rug on the sideline so he could do 20 ala sal lams in the middle of a game that would be ok really !!!! Horse Hockey!!! I am tolerant of other religions only to the point that they don’t interfere with my faith, after that, all bets are off. How many of you out there would like to see prayer return to public school. Go ahead raise your hand, this is South Georgia there is a boatload of you. After all those of us over 50 remember very well saying a prayer in the morning along with the pledge of allegiance. I also remember certain kids in my class not participating due to religious conflict. An 8 year old doesn’t understand that stuff very well. Now days that is a real pet peeve of mine ( not putting hand over heart) but 40 plus years ago I really didn’t understand all that.

So here we are a nation divided on so many issues it almost seems that solving them is an insurmountable obstacle.

IT IS NOT, America needs to get it’s act together like say Alabama Football. You see they play as a team. No one person is bigger than the other. Well Coach Saban maybe Jesus Christ incarnate to them but that is purely symbolic. As a team they are one. They sweat, bleed, cry, shower, eat and sleep together. If one hurts they all hurt if one sings songs of joy they all sing. It is the team concept that has been preached by every coach that has ever existed I know my Coach did and as a coach myself, I have done it at least a 1000 times. You see at Alabama they got Jews and Gentiles, Christians and Muslims, Blacks and Whites and Hispanics. It is as most all teams in America are today multi-cultural. Because as you all know, America is the most diverse country in the history of the world. Our motto says it all “ E Pluribus Unum” which means out of many , one. So my advice to America lets be like Alabama football. We need to join together like a team then we can start to be “great again”. Start with doing away with participation trophies, They are useless!! Get all kids if able involved in team sports they learn so much, that you just can’t see. The list is to long for this column but you all get my drift!! Roll Tide.joe joe