Cougars Road to the Playoffs

Published 3:35 pm Friday, April 8, 2016

Joe Joe Wright

So we are in the home stretch of the baseball playoffs. It can go any number of ways. There are 6 teams with a mathematical chance of making  the play offs. Worth County has a shot but they are far away and a tough road to get there. First of all they would have to win 5 out of 6 region contest remaining and 4 of them are on the road. 13-7 in region should get you in but I just don’t see Worth running the gambit on this.

TCC is in, no way for them not to make it as they are 13-0 in region. Now the rest of this is based on an assumption that the teams in the hunt, beat the teams they should beat like Americus, Monroe, Dougherty, Albany and Westover. However, this is why games are played in person and not in the paper. Crisp County, Cairo, Bainbridge and Cook are the remaining hunters for post season action.

We will look at Cairo first. I f Cairo wins games against Westover, Monroe and 2 Dougherty games then the big games against Cook, Bainbridge and TCC will not matter they will make it most likely. Next up Cook County; Cook needs wins over Westover and Dougherty 2 times if they do , then 1 win out of three between Crisp, Bainbridge or TCC should get them in. However, the Crisp game is Huge for both teams.  Bainbridge really has the roughest road to travel with 3 road games remaining  at TCC, Worth and Albany and 4 home dates against Monroe, Americus, Cairo and Cook. If Bainbridge can win the games they are suppose then they need one win from the Cairo, Cook, Worth or TCC games and that should get them in it.

Last but not least the Cougars road is doable,  If the Cougars can get the  two games against Dougherty and Westover. That will leave them winning one out of three against Worth, Cook or TCC. If the Cougars can do that they will have 13 wins and it should get them in. There is a possible bottle neck though at this time that only time will tell the story. TCC and Cairo are an almost certainly in it. With the remaining schedule Bainbridge, Crisp and Cook could all end up at 13-7 and looking for tie breakers to pick the last two play off entries. The best way for the Cougars to make the playoff’s for an absolute certainty is don’t lose any more games that will do it also. The next two weeks will be interesting as Crisp County hasn’t had to fight to hard for a play off spot in many years and now they do. GO COUGARS!!joe joe