Crisp County Recreation Department Baseball & Softball Report

Published 3:36 pm Friday, April 8, 2016

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Field 1 – 8 & Under Girls Softball /10 & Under Girls Softball

5:45pm – Gators vs. Bulldogs – 10 & Under Softball

Gators Score – 0

Bulldogs Score – 6

Gators Highlights – Ana Crozier and Isabel Fernandez had one hit in the game.

Bulldogs Highlights – Abby Eady had one hit along with Gracie Pullen having three hits. Abigail Brown had two hits.

7:15pm – Wolverines vs. Bulldogs – 8 & Under Softball

Wolverines Score – 11

Bulldogs Score – 7

Wolverines Highlights – La’Kayla Alexander went 3 for 3 along with Zio Christmas and Ansley Simpson. Camilla Bloodworth also had two hits in the ball game.

Field 3 – 12 & Under Baseball

5:45pm – Wolverines vs. Wildcats

Wolverines Score – 7

Wildcats Score – 9

Wolverines Highlights – Ethan Council and Beau Floyd walked away with a couple of hits in the game.

Wildcats Highlights – Julian Fox, Ellis Smith, and James Phillips each had a hit or two in the ball. Weston Thompson was also successful on a hit in the ball game.

7:15pm – Gators vs. Bulldogs

Gators Score – 7

Bulldogs Score – 6

Gators Highlights – Kenney Alexander walked away with two hits with Elijah Tanner having one. Seth Tabor was also able to make one hit in the ball game.

Bulldogs Highlights – Jaylyn Weitman and Dylan Davis had hit in the game. Along with Ahmad Brown pulling a hit in.

Field 4 – 10 & Under Baseball

5:45pm – Bulldogs vs. Wildcats

Bulldogs Score – 10

Wildcats Score – 0

Bulldogs Highlights – Aubrey Johnson was able to pull out a hit with Omar White and Hayden Hamilton having two hits each.

Wildcats Highlights – Andrew Bedore had a hit in the ball game going 1 for 2.

7:15pm – Tigers vs. Crimson Tide

Tigers Score – 2

Crimson Tide – 17

Tigers Highlights – Marvin Anderson had two hits in the game along with Cayden Sudduth having two. Dallas Howell was able to make a hit along with Ty Nicholas.

Crimson Tide Highlights – Clay Hall had three hits in the ball game along with Tucker Ellenberg having three hits. Roy Hall and Holland Purser went 3 for 3 while Tomoria Westbrook had one hit.

Field 5 – 8 & Under Baseball

5:45pm – Tigers vs. Seminoles

Tigers Score – 11

Seminoles Score – 3

Tigers Highlights – Bryson Brown went 3 for 3 with Dawson Coleman having two hits in the game. Landon Register pulled out two hits with Thomas Layfield having a hit. Caleb Gibbs was successful on a hit with Landon Cobb making a hit as well.

Seminoles Highlights – M.J. Christopher went 2 for 2 along with Beau Krause having one hit. Gavin Hamilton had one hit with Byron Lewis having a hit as well.

7:00pm – Cowboys vs. Bulldogs

Cowboys Score – 12

Bulldogs Score – 3

Cowboys Highlights – Kadarius Redding had three hits in the ball game with Pax Fernandez going 4 for 4. Jordan Fox had two hits with Mason McCoy having two hits also. Brock Martin had one hit in the game.

Bulldogs Highlights – Sawyer Green, Hunter Butler, and Hunter Walls all had a couple of hits in the ball game. Jonathan Bedore was able to pull a hit out in the ball game.