Crisp County Recreation Department Baseball & Softball Report

Published 9:58 am Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Field 1 – 12 & Under Softball 

5:45pm – Bulldogs vs. Gators 

Bulldogs Score – 4

Gators Score – 4

Bulldogs Highlights – Payten Woods along with Payton Adkins started off the day with two hits in the game. Olivia Taylor had a nice day with two hits along with Ainslie Forsthye. Rohita Katla made away with one hit along with Lilly Smith having one hit as well. 

Gators Highlights – Mia Purvis had three hits in the game along with Brista Jackson coming out with one hit. Olivia Bridges had a great run with three hits and Jadah Mumphery coming out with two. Sadie Mercer finished the day with two singles.

Field 3 – 12 & Under Baseball

5:45pm Wildcats vs. Bulldogs

Wildcats Score – 10

Bulldogs Score – 4

Wildcats Highlights – Julian Fox started off the day with one hit with Ellis Smith, and Javiar Barrett having two hits. Landon Jones, James Phillips, and Weston Thompson all had one hit in the ball game. Gavin McCoy had one hit along with Brooks Hays and Brandon Gomez having two hits. To finish out the day Jarek Jones had one hit.

Bulldogs Highlights – Dylan Davis started out the day with two hits along with Clay Oliver. Wade Rainey walked away with one hit.

7:15pm – Gators vs. Wolverines

Gators Score – 9

Wolverines Score – 3

Gators Highlights – Kenney Alexander, Seth Tabor, and Tyler Dorsey all had one hit on the day. Devin Griffin had an out of the park home run. Carltae Butler had two hits along with Jackson McKinsey having one hit.

Wolverines Highlights – Beau Floyd had one hit with Tyler Prather having one as well. Nathan Nipper walked away with one hit and Ethan Council had one as well.

Field 4 – 10 & Under Baseball

5:45pm – Crimson Tide vs. Wildcats

Crimson Tide Score – 11

Wildcats Score – 3

Crimson Tide Highlights – Carter Smith went 3 for 3 with Tucker Ellenberg and Clay Hall having one hit on the day. Holland Purser also walked away with a 3 for 3 hit day with Roy Hall having two hits. Barry Walker went 2 for 3 with Eli Hogg having one hit. Kayden Register finished out the day with two hits.

Wildcats Highlights – Andrew Bedore had three hits and a walk. John Wilson Floyd came up with one hit along with two walks. Rich Young had two hits with Sel Hammonds having one hit along with Emerson having two hits. Dalton Durham made away with two hits in the game.

7:15pm – Bulldogs vs. Tigers

Bulldogs Score – 11

Tigers Score – 2

Bulldogs Highlights – Tyler Ethridge had one hit and one walk. Hayden Hamilton had a great day with two hits along with Scotty Forehand having two hits. Omar White made away with two hits and a walk, and Kenneth Haugbrook had one hit.

Tigers Highlights – Bruce Ellis had a triple on the day with Marvin Anderson having two singles. Cayden Sudduth made off with two hits and Ty Nicholas having one hit.

Field 5 – 8 & Under Baseball

7:00pm – Seminoles vs. Cowboys

Seminoles Score – 10

Cowboys Score – 7

Seminoles Highlights – M.J. Christopher had three hits on the day with Elijah Pollock having two hits. Gavin Hamilton had two hits on the day with Hagan Ekkel having one. Raymond Gibson finished out the day with one hit.

Cowboys Highlights – Kadarious Redding had two hits on the day with Pax Fernandez having two. Bo Black made off with one hit with Noah Coleman having one.