If Sports was an Election

Published 9:57 am Wednesday, April 27, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright


Well one thing is for sure you wouldn’t have to beg people to go to the polls( game). Instead of checking out the percentage of registered voters actually voting we would count the fans in the stand. You wouldn’t have nearly as many people sitting on the sidelines deciding our elections. There would be plenty of participation. I f sports were an election Peyton Manning would be President of the United States. Hey that don’t sound bad at all; President Manning, hmmmmmm. Cam Newton would be Vice President waiting his turn at the top spot. LeBron James would be Secretary of Defense ( he is a warrior). Tom Glavine would be Secretary of State ( he is diplomatic) and Tom Brady would be Attorney General ( he has cases going to Supreme Court, so has experience).

All other positions no one cares about anyway. This means that out of  323,500,000 million in the USA between 200,000,000 and 245,000,000  million would be voting. In other words attendance would be way up at the polls. If you think about it really deep and long that is truly a sad state of affairs and I love sports more than anyone.

We as a nation care more about who wins a ball game than we do who runs our country. This is where our priorities have gone. 200 hundred years ago the main focus of every family was food to eat, clothes to wear and surviving birth. 100 years ago those three were still very high on the totem pole but suddenly we had income tax to pay, what a shocker 3% of what you made went to the government basically.. Oh let me get off track a moment how many people under the age of 40 know what I mean by totem pole, without asking or googling it???? I would say 8 percent that’s sad as well. Now 50 years ago Uncle Sam took the eat, sleep, clothes and birthing babies problem off the table by giving it away free to those who couldn’t afford it supposedly and replacing their only worries with who would be their sports gods. Easy to do since God was removed from the school and them income taxes went higher and higher. Trouble is that was someone else’s money and men were no longer morally obligated to care for their families. As time moved forward children were allowed to back talk parents and teachers because the government said you should not whoop them. The tax rate on the working increased exponentially so much in fact both men and women had to go to work to make ends meet. Dr. Spock wrote all the answers to all our questions down in a book told us how wrong the Bible was and to listen to him. The women started wearing the pants in the house because all the men started letting their pants sag down below their butt.

The government started getting into the kid raising business and now 93% of Americans can’t plant a garden, can a vegetable, sew a patch on blue jeans or fix a little boo boo on a child. Instead we  are solely dependent on getting our groceries and clothes at the store and rushing to the doctor if our kids look at us funny or cry to loud. Zero and I mean Zero common sense in child raising skills is what America is all about. I remember when if you won a trophy it was something to be proud of but now days we give them out by the millions.

I personally handed out 144 this weekend. They are called participation trophies, welcome to the new America were you don’t have to earn anything.  I hope people will not take voting for granted. joe joe 2