Crisp County Recreation Department Baseball & Softball Report

Published 3:39 pm Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016

Field 1 – 8 & Under Softball/10 & Under Softball

5:45pm – Hurricanes vs. Bulldogs 

Hurricanes Score – 8

Bulldogs Score – 6

Hurricanes Highlights Angelina Martinez had two hits on the day with Larkin Handley pulling away with one hit. Kylie Ethridge had two hits along with Malia Martin having two as well. Jocelyn Sanchez and Erianna Green both finished out the day with one hit.

Bulldogs Highlights – Blakely Young went 3 for 3 on the day with Jena Wildes having one hit along with Cariyah Jones. Zoey Clark, Gracie Urbanage, and Tori Dickerson all had two hits in the game. London Perry along with Annaleigh Green finished out the day with three hits.

7:00pm – Gators vs. Hurricanes

Gators Score – 7

Hurricanes Score – 6

Gators Highlights – Isabel Fernandez, Abby Murray, Katlin Clark, and Anna Crozier all connected with the ball in the first inning. Samantha Stephens along with Olivia Veal and Paris Daniels each finished out with one hit on the day.

Hurricanes Highlights – Rylee Henderson, Sidney Young, and Skyler Smith had one hit on the day. Libby Manning along with Ivy Akin had two hits finishing out the game.

Field 5 – 8 & Under Baseball

5:45pm – Bulldogs vs. Wolverines

Bulldogs Score – 2

Wolverines Score – 9

Bulldogs Highlights – Cody Woolridge along with Jayden Johnson and Sawyer Green all had one hit on the day. Hunter Butler had a two hit day with Hunter Walls pulling away with one.

Wolverines Highlights – Gary Rouse along with Tanner Bridges and Braiden Rouse had three hits on the day. Mike Cunningham along with Jerald Hidalgo had two hits. Russ Smith finished out the day with one hit in the game. DSC_0408DSC_0453