At least Donald Trump likes Sports

Published 12:13 pm Saturday, May 14, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

You know what, I don’t think I could like a President that didn’t like sports. I am pretty certain that Hillary doesn’t like sports. It is a far-gone conclusion that Bill Clinton didn’t do sports at all. After all he is about as athletic as fat lady in a circus. Now “The Donald” played football, baseball and owned the New Jersey Generals. Maybe Hillary played some sports, I doubt it though. A sport teaches people how to work together as a team to accomplish a common goal.

I am from the South and down here we like guns. Hillary don’t like guns except the ones that protect her, but then she would deny all of us this same right. Hillary doesn’t like or respect our military, that much is obvious to me. I come from a military family going all the way back to the American Revolution and now I have 2 sons in the US Marine Corps. This of course means I don’t like her stance on our armed forces and I don’t trust her. Also if Hershel Walker likes Donald Trump well then that should go without saying that he must be the man.

So in order Donald likes guns, sports, women, military and he says he likes God.

Now I like all on the list. Hillary only likes the women part and nothing else so can’t side with her period end of story. In her years of living off the government I have never heard her make a reference

to loving God so I assume she is an atheist. However, this is a sports column so I will stick to Sports. Hillary is not a sports fan so I am not a fan of Hillary there I said it!!!

Now old Donald does have some flaws himself but then don’t we all? It is going to be interesting these next few months. Really and truly not since 1940 and 1864 has there been more at stake in a Presidential election. The very soul of our nation is on the line this November. Will America retake the leadership role in the world or will a new Caliphate be created in Iraq and Syria. Will the US Supreme Court really listen to a case over a deflated football? In case you haven’t heard the next evolutionary step in the Tom Brady “deflate gate” scandal is to go before the Supreme Court. If this turns out to be true, there will be a new (the stupidest thing I ever heard of) scenario. I mean who cares how much air is in the ball, you get to use your on ball.

So here is a list of what is wrong with America. 1. No one takes personal responsibility any more. 2. Our leaders don’t respect the Constitution. 3. Girls are men and men are girls. This is really confusing me…4. Parents go to school to complain to principal and teachers about why their kid is doing badly in school.  Instead of grabbing their kid by the arm and putting a belt on their behind to make them do as they are told in school. (I wish someone would have shot Dr. Spock). 5. We have had some Presidential candidates this year that don’t like sports and so far all of them have lost. 6. They sell baby parts like an auto parts store sells brake pads, I am seriously ill about this one.

All I know is God please help us because we are lost and the more stupid and ridiculous something is the more it becomes ok. “Evil prevails when good men do nothing.” I for one ain’t going down like that, what about you?joe joe 2