A Comprehensive study needs to be done

Published 3:05 pm Friday, May 27, 2016

track 2By Joe Joe Wright


Over the years I have personally heard many conversations on the lack of things for people to do in Crisp County, specifically senior citizens. There have been a number of discussions recently on senior activities and I will share one.

The Senior Olympics is a feasible activity in costs, participation and overall benefit. Mr. Jimmy Culpepper, a former Coach is very active in this and participates in 4 or 5 states in their different track meets.

We can do the same thing here and as an official senior citizen I am going to participate. Now I am not going to be racing Mr. Harvey Simpson, because the man can walk 50 miles in a day I bet. I ain’t going to take on Greg Hunt, Carden Summers or David Pitts in a race either they also run and walk to much. I’m thinking my grand niece Amelia Wilkerson; yes I will be racing her. Now wait a minute I am getting ahead of myself.

The purpose of this column was to inform the general public that we don’t have the facilities. Well at least a complete facility. At the Recreation Department we don’t have the long jump pits etc. We do have those at the high school though. What we don’t have at the high school is a complete track. I never noticed before but when they built the field house they built it too close to the track and consequently we don’t have an 8-lane track. Really go look!! So I suggest before any money is spent at the Football Stadium we make sure that a comprehensive study is done.

I have the utmost confidence in our athletic heads and our board of education to do just that, but somehow we did shorten our track. So let’s just be careful. Anyway, the school needs a better track and the Crisp Recreation Director Eric Bozeman is looking into the Senior Olympics for us old people. I hereby challenge Joe Jolly, Mike Forehand and James Fitzgibbons in my warm up race. Anyway this should be very exciting news for all the senior citizens out there. It will be fun and also it gives you the opportunity to compete. I’m looking forward to it.joe joe 2