LeBron still not as good as Jordan

Published 4:54 pm Tuesday, June 21, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

Impressed, that’s what I am with Lebron James. He not only won his 3rd NBA title, but he also brought Cleveland their first title in anything since 1964.

The Cleveland Browns won the NFL Championship in 1964 and the Indians lost to the Braves in the 1996 World Series so for over 50 years they have not had much success from their sports franchises. Come to think of it Atlanta has not won anything since 1996 and prior to that they never had.

James the 6th best player in NBA history still has a lot of good years ahead of him and could certainly move up the rankings but like I said I am impressed. He loaded that team on his big shoulders and with theirs backs to the wall down 3 games to 1 did what has never been done before. The Cleveland Cavaliers the team with the ugliest uniforms from the ugliest city in the USA won three straight games convincingly to take the trophy.

Rightfully so LeBron James was voted the unanimous choice as series MVP. Now what gets me about the series is how each team beat up on each other, except the last game. Game 1 Warriors win by 15 Game 2 Warriors win by 33 Game 3 Cavaliers win by 30 Game 4 Warriors by 11 Game 5 Cavaliers by 15 Game 6 Cavaliers by 14 and a close 4 point game was game 7. Mighty lopsided don’t you think?

Anyway if you look at it LeBron delivered on his promise to bring a title to Cleveland. I can see him leaving in a year or two for New York or the Lakers, let’s just wait and see. As for now King James is riding high and will be getting a new raise. As for the rest of the team who knows pro sports is fickled.Hey Maybe Atlanta will buy him!!! Naw we don’t need him.joe joe 2