“Big Cat” Ready, set go!!!

Published 12:18 pm Thursday, July 7, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright


Ranked as a 4 star by some and a 5 star by others any way you look at it Markaviest Bryant aka” Big Cat” is a BEAST. Not only does every college in America and yes I mean literally every college wants him but he is drawing a lot of attention to our little sleepy “Hamlet” in Cordele. Very much like the days in 1979 when everyone was hanging around Wrightsville, Ga. trying to influence Hershel Walker to come to their school, Crisp County is for the first time  feeling the love of one of it’s son’s.

Not only is he drawing a lot of attention but the 6’4” 226lbs Defensive /linebacker is also helping a lot of our other quality athletes get a look.

Now one might say that he is just a natural athlete and well I have seen a lot of them in my days but what sets Big Cat apart really is his work ethic. As I was talking to my old friend and classmate Jamie Chambliss the other day, when “Cat works out he is all in and no playing around.” That seems to be a pattern of some of our Seniors and a few of the better athletes on the team. Take Brandon Dowdell and Clay Walker they attack their workout. The younger guys respond to leadership and when Brandon “the blaze” Dowdell starts pumping them all up the Cougars are going to rise to the occasion.

Yeah all eyes are on the “Big Cat” but it will be the “Cougars” that bring home the gold as a result of these guys leadership. As of now Markaviest is still getting bigger and he is very quick off the line and he will be playing with his “band of brothers” this fall in his final season of high school football. “Right now Georgia, Bama and Clemson are my standout visits but I would like to see a few more before I make up my mind,” said Big Cat.