President Peyton Manning Don’t Laugh it can happen

Published 9:50 am Saturday, July 9, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

I am trying to wrap me head around what’s going on in this country. Let’s see Hillary Clinton is said to have mismanaged at least 100 emails that were at the time marked as classified. This is a crime that could have endangered Americans, maybe, then maybe not on the endangering part but certainly a violation of the law, all sides agree on this for the most part.

Tom Brady is said to have violated NFL rules by knowing about the deflation of footballs. Now sports officials handled those same footballs and they didn’t pick up on this at the start of the game? Hmmmmmmmmm. So big bad Commissioner Roger Goodell with his pious persona and 34.1 million dollar salary steps up and suspends him for 4 games and a loss of about 4 million in salary for Brady. Uncle Tom appeals and wins and wins again in the US District court of New York. As of now Godell is still pursuing his justice and this could go before the US Supreme Court before being decided. This maybe one the top 3 silliest things I have ever heard!!! A football game going before the Supreme Court, boy hidey we are so out of touch with the word, PRIORITY’S. GOD HELP US!!!!!

Anyone remember in 2005 when Congress hauled all the players up before them to testify about steroid use, now that was a story! Now, athletes are scared to go see a doctor and get treated for an injury because the treatment might include some kind of steroid and they will end up charged for something by whatever commissioner depending on the sport. That’s just ridiculous.

The most prolific hitter of all time in baseball and my personnel favorite as a kid Pete Rose is still being held out of the Hall of Fame for betting on a baseball game 30 years ago in which his team was not involved. He later said he did bet on his own games but always on his team to win, though I never actually heard him say that and yall know how rumors are these days.

Ok I can’t even begin to count the number of sports figures that have been fined and suspended for DUI’s and smoking pot but you could fill a battleship with them. Ray Rice punched his wife in the head in the elevator and he paid for that twice. He deserved his punishment. Then comes Adrian Peterson who whooped his child. Now Adrian may have went a little to far but that was really a matter for him his wife or ex wife and the State of Texas not the NFL fan base. But oh no they suspended him indefinitely and he had to jump through hoops like a trained dog to get back in the NFL. So what’s my point in all this? Well apparently here in America we place more importance on sports and sports stars and cheating and their personal conduct than we do on our politicians who want to run our country.

Just off the top of my head most of the Republicans running appeared to be somewhat squeaky clean though I don’t know that for certain, except Donald Trump and he won the primaries and he certainly isn’t squeaky clean. Then on the democratic side you have that northern Governor Martin O’Malley a moderate, boy he didn’t stand a snowballs chance. Then most of America felt the BERN, Bernie Sanders that is a socialist that never held a job till he was 40 years old and now suddenly he is an expert on economics. I will say one thing for Bernie I can’t recall him giving me any occasion to think of him as dishonest, stupid yes, dishonest no! If you thought I was going to leave Hillary or Killary as some say out of this discussion, well No! Certainly she at least shares some of the responsibility for the deaths of four people in Benghazi. She did nothing,to help those men,.Second she is the biggest liar in politics that I have ever heard of and not just on a few occasions. Finally she intends to abolish the 2nd amendment if elected, if she can. Nope can’t see it. As for Donald Trump, I will be fair, if he isn’t morally bankrupt he is certainly suffering from some bad judgment and he has a rather large mouth. But then I know a lot of folks like that and he is not responsible for anyone’s death or our national security.

I am thinking that Peyton Manning would make a good President. After all he loves sports and is squeaky clean. Comments Welcome.joe joe 2