Bobby’s Backyard Wiffle Ball

Published 9:07 am Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here

Did you miss out last year? Don’t let this event get by you, put it on your bucket list

By Joe Joe Wright

On Saturday Morning August 6th at 9am at the Crisp Youth Ball Park, the 3rd annual “Bobby’s Backyard Wiffle Ball Tournament” will kick off.

The brainchild of motivational speaker Bobby Ryals designed to bring youthful fun and fund raising together. Each of the first two years the participation level of the tournament has grown at a phenomenal rate and raised money for the “back pack” feed the children program. We anticipate a lot of entries in all levels adult, children women etc. Here is the way it goes. Each team consists of 5 players on the field at a time, the total cost per team is $50.00. Teams are selected to play other teams by random draw and then a double elimination tournament. Each team pitches to their own team except for championship game. The need for sponsors for this very worthwhile cause is extremely high so please if you can, please do. Volunteers for score keepers and umpires for all the fields are at an all time high and of course other volunteers to help Bobby during the day as well.

Note from the Author: As many of you may know Bobby is disabled and I personally watched last year as he hustled between fields all day long gathering game results and administering numerous other duties to the point of pure exhaustion and sun burn! If you are incapable of umpiring you may help in any number of a dozen ways, please volunteer, the help is needed and appreciated. This is an awesome family fun event don’t miss out on it. Young or old all who come enjoy it! Go online to register at or stop by Mike Browning State Farm for applications.wiffle kids misfits