It looks like I will be coming out of retirement

Published 9:09 am Wednesday, July 13, 2016

By Joe Joe Wright

Ok so get the picture now. The date is August 6th and it is good chance both of my sons will be home for a few days from the Marine Corps. A friend of mine Dave Walls calls says hey is putting together a team for the Wiffle ball tournament.

At first I thought he wanted me for my outstanding athletic ability. Then I realized he wanted Matt and John and that he and I could come in late very late in the game when it is very secure. HMMMMMMMM!!!!! Now I am going to be helping Bobby with a number of mundane task at the tournament including umpiring some games but I can still play Wiffle Ball after all I taught my two boys how to play. Also if  old people like  John Thompson, Joel Owens, Chad McCalvin and Mike Browning can play well then so can I. Never mind my heart condition I can still go. I mean I saw Board of Education member Bill Wilson play last year and  it hurt me to watch it, I laughed so hard. I am thinking that coming of the bench with the bases loaded and hitting a towering shot over the fence is most likely in my future. Dave doesn’t know it but he may have awakened a “sleeping dragon”. Since he will be coaching the song put me in coach will be playing all over the ballpark.

I am almost giddy with anticipation of the ball tingling my bat and arm as I lift a ball deep deep deep over the left center field fence. Yes, I am definitely playing now. Let this be an open invitation to all you people men and women out there that use to play wiffle ball in the back yard you can do it again. Have fun playing it and raise money for a great charity and not spend a fortune. It really is an awesome family fun  event so if you are looking for something to do I would suggest you skip one game of golf and come on out to the Bobby’s Backyard Wiffle Ball Tournament and lets play ball.joe joe 2